A few years ago my grandmother (with the help of some very talented family members) compiled a list of all of her favorite recipes into a tidy little book simply titled “Family Recipes”. My wife and I watched Julie and Julia, felt inspired, and decided it would be fun to cook through one of our cookbooks. I landed on “Family Recipes” because I think it will be fun to get to know my family a little bit better and my love language is cooking. We also decided to post it to this site as an archive for the family and whoever else would like to join us on the journey.

Let’s get a few things out there –

  1. My family is very Scandinavian. There will be meat, there will be breads, and I’m pretty sure headcheese will show up at some point.
  2. If you are looking for a nice blog that will get updated regularly and will be beautiful…..go some place else. It will be super fun posting recipes, pictures, and our comments I just don’t want to make any promises about neatness or consistency. My wife and I have two little wonderful children and a third one coming later this year. This house is a tornado full of love and pillow forts.
  3. We are going to follow every recipe exactly by the book. That means when we make “Anna’s Wedding Punch” we will be making 10 gallons of punch to share with neighbors or just strangers walking past the house.

We recently had “Hilden Family Christmas” and I told my grandma that we would be cooking through her cookbook and she said “Bless you”. It’s going to be a fun interesting ride!

Before I post the first recipe get to know Grandma Irene a little bit by listening to the Hildo Spills the Beans episode I recorded with her back in June of 2015

Write at you soon, Hildo

**This article was originally posted at I decided to carry over all the articles to this site too. I WANT ALL THE ATTENTION I CAN HANDLE.

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