11/6/2015 – Bits and Bobs

Shit! I almost let the week go by. I am sucking at this!

Our construction project roars on, with Moe’s Dad now having taken over. The guy is an absolute machine, working from the time I wake up in the morning until well after I get home from work in the evening. He’s like a zen-master of handy man work. He works alone, with no music, no distractions, and only takes the occasional break for a soda and a sandwich. The guy is nothing but focus. At this rate, our project will be done in no time.

Switching gears, surely you remember the case of Josef Frizl, that Austrian psycho who locked his daughter in his basement for two decades? That story blew my mind when it first hit the news, and I still read about it every time there is a new development. Well, there’s a short documentary on Netflix called Josef Fritzl: Story of a Monster that gets fairly in depth. I’m not sure why it’s only got a one-star user rating, but I thought it was mostly well done. It sure creeped me the fuck out, and I’ve been having jacked-up dreams ever since watching it.

Speaking of Netflix, I also watched the new stand-up special by Anthony Jeselnik. I’m not necessarily a fan, but I do think the guy can write some good jokes, and he definitely has a command of the stage, despite his laid-back style. Toward the end of the show, he brings up something that I can totally get behind, which is how people react to tragedies like mass shootings, terrorist attacks, etc. It’s also something that Obama brought up after the most recent shooting: the cliche of “thoughts and prayers”. When people tweet shit like, “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims”, Jeselnik rightly says, “That’s fucking worthless…it’s less than worthless” and I agree.

(Fuck, this could get heavy if I let it…)

Nothing has made me more disgusted than our country’s response – or lack thereof – after the Sandy Hook shootings. 25 children were gunned down by a psycho, and the response of our country was, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families…BUT DON’T TAKE OUR GUNS!” It was sickening.

True, Jeselnik does have a motive behind this. The guy is known for saying shocking and, to some, offensive things in the immediate wake of tragedy. Hell, he’s made a career out of it. But that doesn’t mean his point isn’t valid. Fuck your thoughts and prayers. They do nothing.

Eh, let’s move on before I get on my soapbox.

I’m excited for the weekend. Christine is doing a “girl’s weekend” with one of her friends, which leaves the boys and I to our own devices. And shit, I love spending time with my kids. They’re a lot of fun, and they’re good companions. We plan on hitting the skate park to do some skating before the Minnesota winter screws us completely. After that, it’s off to the Mini Maker Faire at Barnes and Noble. Both of my kids are into creating stuff, so hopefully this will give them some inspiration for new projects. After that: movie marathon. A tub of popcorn and some big budget movies.

It’s gonna be great.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


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