9/30/2015 – Bidness

In case you haven’t heard, we’re finally showing the Attack of the Psychedelic Zombies, Man! to the public. Here are the details:

Where: DAT Bar
1404 West Main St.
Merrill, WI 54452

When: October 24th
Cast Screening: 7pm
Public Screening: 9pm

There will be food and drink specials, a memosa bar, and a cast meet n’ greet and party following the public screening (around 10:30). Wanna sing some karaoke with Dong? This is your chance!

I’m pretty excited, and a bit nervous, to show it. The movie amuses the shit out of me, but I suspect it’s an…acquired taste. Written around a bunch of inside jokes, non-sequiturs, and random things that just happened to make us laugh at the moment, this could be the most self-indulgent thing we’ve ever worked on. But hey, people seemed to like Omnicron Speaks, so who knows?

There are also scenes we filmed way late in the production that have gone missing, so that’s a bit of a bummer. We had gone back to add little extras to the movie to give it a bit more laughs and gore, but a some of my favorites are buried deep within Hilden’s horde of hard drives and memory cards and Klaus has had a hell of a time tracking them down. Maybe someday they’ll be unearthed and we’ll release a special extended edition, but I’m afraid many of the scenes won’t make this cut.

Back to the screening, we’ll be setting up additional showings…you know…in case your October travels aren’t going to bring you to the glamorous Central Wisconsin region. And beyond that, once Klaus has the final cut nailed down, we’ll be finishing up our Kickstarter rewards and sending out copies to our backers. The plan is to get that out by the holidays and then put the movie up for sale shortly thereafter.

Damn…it’s gonna be nice to have this monkey off my back…


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