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DGR: 08.14.2013


8 Responses to DGRadio: 08.14.2013

  1. tehnerd says:

    Tits in the face!

  2. Mitch says:

    Haha, of all the episodes to drop back in on….

  3. Tommy says:

    Entertaining podcast as always.
    This time brought to us by Gulden Draak.
    Lovely lovely stuff and a world beer challenge winner too.
    One of the good things living in germany near to the belgian border.
    But even in belgian liqour stores its not always easy to get.
    If you have the chance try out Trappistes Rochefort by Brasserie de Rochefort another dark belgian ale .. i guess you wont be disappointed.

    Gentlemen, TITS IN THE FACE!!

    Greetings from germany

  4. Tex says:


    I’m still here and never miss a show…just don’t have anything remotely interesting to add!

    A few months ago, a voice mail of mine got deleted, and I just remembered what I said in it – I was watching Bob’s Burgers, and I’m convinced that it’s a documentary set in the past, and that Gene grows up to be Moe. In particular, the episode where he writes a song about Topsy, the Edison elephant. Moe.

  5. Bruben says:

    Hello Robot Panic crew,

    First time listener and love it

    Three Questions:

    Do you guys want to see another Metal Gear Solid game after Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain, MG Remake’s aside, MGS6: Mother of Patriots(focusing on the story of The Boss), discuss?

    Do you think this game will have some sort of interactivity and/or cross-save with it’s vita version and some sort of feature interaction with the Prequel game?

    I have tasted beer before but find they all taste terrible, are there any decent to good beers for maybe a barbecue or nice dinner?

    Thanks and Stay Golden and Game on

  6. John says:

    Hey Bruben!

    Hilden’s the big MGS fan. I’m more or less a casual fan. Loved the first, played about half of the second, skipped three, and played through four. It’s a great series for sure, but one that I never got too far into.

    Moe was in the same boat as you just a few years ago. He hated beer. The trick to getting him started was fruity beers. I believe the first one he enjoyed was some sort of raspberry Belgian beer with a pink silhouette of a woman on it. No joke. But hey, whatever does the trick. Once your palate gets used to it, it’ll open the door to a world of deliciousness. I didn’t like beer until I visited Germany and tasted what REAL beer was supposed to be. If all you’re drinking is shitty American macro-brews, you’ll hate beer.

    My suggestion is to take some cash to a *good* liquor store. Most good stores usually have single bottles you can sample. If you need to, start with something fruity. Beyond that, maybe go with a light German beer like a Hefeweizen.

    Have any more questions? Feel free to ask!

  7. Tex says:

    Budweiser just came out with Crown here in Canada…it’s an amber lager that’s sure to bankrupt all the micro brews here…in…Can…HAHAHA I COULDN’T FINISH THAT SENTENCE WITH A STRAIGHT FACE THOSE FUCKS

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