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This week: We…Are…THORRIORS! We’ve gone on and on about our love for Valient Thorr in the past, so we figured it was time to dedicate an entire segment to this incredible band. They’re on tour now, so hit that link and check them out.

Beyond that, we discuss Metallica’s mission to catch a killer, the never-ending saga of Geoff Tate, overzealous fans, and whether or not Metallica’s landmark album “…And Justice for All” secretly sucks.

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One Response to Metal Up Your Ass! Episode 10

  1. I completely disagree about the mix of the album. The songs are all cold and depressing just like the mix is. I’ve heard remixes by fans with added bass and hated it.

    I’ll also say that Justice is by far their best album and every single song on it is awesome. I can’t say that about any of their other albums.

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