Opulence 3After the fabulous response (and experience mind you) to the cigar episode, I thought it might be a good idea to start giving insight into some tasty smokes for us to indulge in when we get the opportunity. I felt it was appropriate to start out this month with the cigar that brought Hilden to his knees, the Acid Opulence 3.

Now I have been a big ACID fan for many years. They infuse their cigars with botanical spices giving the cigar a unique flavor and aroma. This infusion process is a guarded secret and has made the ACID line a cut above their competition. Many purists will argue that the line is for pussies, that they are too close to a flavored cigar to be any good. While others like me will claim that they give me that nice mellow buzz and an aroma that will be pleasing to even the non-cigar fan. It was the ACID line I introduced Hilden and John to at the Summer party a few years back, and what I go to each time we get together. It’s a great smoke and one I know they will enjoy. That and at $7-$8 a stick, I won’t go completely broke.

I recently ran across the Opulence 3 when I was doing a search on Cigarbid.com Their brief description said it was the rarest of the ACID line, and so I knew I had to have one. I grabbed a 5 pack for $30 and eagerly awaited their arrival to my abode. The Opulence 3 cigars are considered rare because they are constructed from 3 different Esteli, Nicaraguan tobacco crops from the years 2005, 2006, and 2007. Like a fine wine the tobacco has aged well and the smoke is amazing. Each cigar is then wrapped with a dark, heavily flavorful oily maduro wrapper from San Andres, Mexico. Oh man just thinking about it makes my mouth water…

Normally upon lighting an Acid I am hit with a nice mellow flavor. The ACID One in particular is sweet, and takes the edge off the smoking experience (hence a great cigar for you noobs out there). Unwrapping the Opulence I was greeted with the signature aroma that is common with the ACID line, and I expected my light and first few puffs to be mellow and smooth. I was pleasantly surprised when I was hit with a much more rich and peppery flavor experience, one that I must admit made me quite happy. The draws were even with very little smoke and this particular torpedo started off good and ended fantastic.

For me the finish of a cigar is it’s true test, how far can I smoke it before I have to stop? When do the tars and icky things get in the way of a great taste? I am happy to say that the Opulence 3 finished better than any ACID I have ever had. I got down to about an inch left of the nub and enjoyed every puff. It was strong without overpowering me, and the ACID aroma stayed with me unto the end. It truly is an amazing cigar, and it left me with a mild buzz, something I wasn’t used to getting with an ACID cigar.

If you are new to cigars, I might still recommend an ACID One or Kuba Kuba before venturing into the goodness that is the Opulence 3. But if you are a seasoned cigar afficiando, I would grab these baby’s while you can. Chances are you won’t find them your local cigar shop, online is your best bet. Try Cigarbid.com first and then look over at cigar.com. You can usually get the Opulence 3 for $6 a stick at cigarbid, and closer to $7 at cigar.com. Trust me, they are well worth the money and will have a treasured spot in your humidor…assuming you don’t smoke them all right away.

Long Ash greetings to you my friends, smoke well and enjoy the good life!

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5 Responses to Cigar of the Month – Acid Opulence 3

  1. ilduce620 says:

    Thanks for the post, Ryker!

    I visited the Dominican Republic last week and smoked two cigars for the first time, both Dominican. As in, I’m almost 30 and I’d never smoked anything, so this is the first time I’d ever experienced like that. To be honest, I can’t say I got much out of it. They were both described as “mild” cigars, so maybe I wasn’t supposed to, but I certainly didn’t get buzzed and really only tasted a “smokey” flavor from them.

    Thus, I ask you, what exactly are you supposed to get out of smoking a cigar? Flavor? Euphoria? Relaxation? Again, I have absolutely no experience in smoking things, so perhaps it’s “an acquired taste,” of sorts. I guess I’m just looking for what the desired effect of a cigar is.

    After experiencing these for the first time, it just seems like my money’s better spent on a reasonably good bottle of scotch than a few cigars. I do love me some scotch.

    Tell me otherwise, sir. :-)

  2. Ryker XL says:

    So glad you asked. Cigars, like beer, are an acquired taste. The more you smoke them, the more you can appreciatethem. I have noticed over the years that my pallet has become more distinct and my fondness for a more expensive cigar has grown. It’s a relaxing way o share good times with my friends and unwind from a long day. Conversations around a cigar always end up comparing tales of humidors and great finds and bargains. It is one of the finer things in life for me.

    That being said, it’s certainly not for everybody. You won’t always get buzzed, unless our go for a full body cigar with a large ring guage. Before you give up, try a Liga Privada T52 or a Ferrell Pig, if your experience isn’t remarkably better, hen just move on. Oh and try a good smoke with a cigar, nice pairing…

    Peace and long ashes

  3. ilduce620 says:

    Thanks for the pointers! I don’t intend on giving up or anything. Just didn’t know if “taste” (like food) is really what you’re going for, as opposed to “high” or “drunk” or “relaxation.” You know, the physical sensation the act of smoking a cigar is supposed to target.

    Or perhaps I’m just thinking too hard about it… 😛

  4. John says:

    I need to apologize to Ryker. We overlooked this article in our submission system and it had been sitting out there for a couple months. I only noticed it the other day and posted it when I saw it.

    Sorry man!

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