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My little guy is all grows up, he’s all growns up (sniff). Please enjoy this unbiased kick ass review of what looks to be a really cool game. And hey his spelling is a lot better too! -Ryker_XL

BSBulletstorm is a first person shooter created by Epic Games (creators of Gears of War) and People Can Fly.  The game hit stores on February 22, 2011(Xbox 360, PS3, and PC), which resulted in Gears of War 3 being pushed back to winter 2011.  While most people felt let down that Bulletstorm was being released earlier than Gears of War, the awesome thing is that the multiplayer beta to Gears of War 3 is included.  This gives all the Gears fans the chance to get a glance at the upcoming multiplayer of Gears. This is included in the purchase of the “Epic Edition” of Bulletstorm (The Epic Edition is every copy of the game, no specialized pricing is on the Epic Edition).

Before this game came out, people were giving it crap for pushing Gears 3 back but when I looked at it, it looked to be a hell of a lot of fun. I asked my Mom if I could buy the game when it’s released and somehow she said yes. I was stoked for the release of the game but was too busy to go out and buy the game with baseball in the way of my Best Buy hunting for this game. My Mom was nice enough to buy it for me and give it to me when I returned from practice. When I came home she said, “It was the last one, we had to ask for help to find it.”  I was surprised and glad that I got the game. Once I got my hands on the case I ripped it open and put the disk in. It was time to play Bulletstorm.

BulletStorm takes place in the 26th century on the planet Stygia. The main character Gray Hunt (voiced by Steve Blum) is an alcoholic space pirate who is the leader of a small, secret army called Dead Echo with his friend Ishi Sato (who faced a severe blood loss so they saved him by turning half of his body into a cyborg). The cyborg kept Ishi alive but Ishi has to find an energy source every once in a while. Ishi and Gary are great friends and are under order of General Sarrano. In the beginning of the game you are under orders from Sarrano to take out this Scientist. You find out after killing him that General Sarrano has been making you kill innocent people not dangerous people that Sarrano had told you about. Gary Hunt now wants revenge on General Sarrano, so ten years later he tries to crash into his giant ship called Ulysses. They accomplish to take down part of the ship but both of the ships crash land onto the deserted planet called Stygia. Stygia is deserted due to gang populations. With their ship crash landing they are on the hunt to take out Sarrano and to get off the planet but face many gangs and gang members on the way. While on the way they find a final echo trooper who has a lash that brings forth enemies and gives you skill shots. An example of a skill shot is Rear Entry which is awarded to you for shooting your victim up the poop chute. Well he dies and Gary Hunt takes the lash which gives you the opportunity to kill bad guys a even more fun way! The three gangs you face are the Skulls, Creeps and Burnouts.    

The main gang you face is the Skulls. They are basically humans but have crazy issues. The Creeps are small, quick buggers who love to kill whatever they can whenever they can (also are carnivores). Then there are the Burnouts, who are also carnivores. The Burnouts are mutated bunches that explode when you shoot them in the glowing bulbs on their bodies. My favorite ones to kill were the burnouts for the exploding fun they do.

Now in the game you have eight weapons that you find and can use. These weapons all kick ass and have different ways to kill the enemies. They also all have different skill shots to earn from killing enemies. They also all have charges that give the weapons an extra, fun attack to use. For example, the pistol you find can get a charge called Fireworks. The Firework shoots at your victim, tags onto them and blows up causing them to freak out while running around in flames. That is just one of many charges you can unlock. Now when you’re wondering, “Well, what if I run out of ammo?” Well, you can find this small boxes or find small drop ships that you are allowed to lash onto to check your skill shots, buy more ammo with the skill points (which are awarded when completing some type of special skill shot or just killing them) and also to unlock guns and buy charges. When I was playing the game I tried every kind of way to complete the skill shot and get extra skill points by killing the enemies a fun way.  While running through the game you will meet many boss’ items and enemies to fight.  The main thing you find during your trip is a Final Echo trooper named Trishka who companions with you to find General Sarrano. You two become friends and learn how to fight together as they work their way towards Sarrano.

If any of you are uncomfortable with spoilers of the game please don’t read this. The most fascinating part in the game to me was the chapter where you face a giant robot Godzilla. The Godzilla is a gigantic, robotic machine that is used at a theme park ride. But since nobody lives on the planet anymore the Skulls took control of it. I later finally got to the controller of the robot Godzilla and got to rein down mass murder on my enemies. It shot out red lasers out of its eyes and you could take out buildings with on push of a button. This was one of the best parts in the game for me just for the idea to put in a giant Godzilla into a FPS game.

In the end, I enjoyed every minute of my game and intend to play the game over again to unlock all the miniature goodies you can find.  In the game there are three things you can find and use/destroy. They are Newbots, alcohol and also Electroflies. These three must be destroyed or drank to earn later on an achievement. When you drink the alcohol you become drunk and the screen is all blurry with Gary Hunt wobbling back and forth. If you kill an enemy with drunk you earn the kill shot called Intoxicated, which I thought was super hilarious which led me to have to stop the game and get my jitters out before continuing. In the end this game is well worth its money and I do recommend you play it.

Game Rating: 4 of  5 Bullets (Kapow)

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2 Responses to BulletStorm

  1. Moe says:

    That’s very well done for your first outing, Tiny. Thanks for contributing an article to our filthy website.

  2. deadward says:

    Nice write up, I had been hoping someone would be talking about this game.
    Bulletstorm is a nice break from Military Shooter part 22, and revels in big, stupid action like nothing else out there right now.

    In addition to the main game, Bulletstorm also includes a mode they call Echoes, which is essentially a FPShmup. In the Echoes, they cut some of the levels into short slices that you run through as fast as possible, linking as many skill shots as you can together for hi-scores. You might remember The Club, a shooter from Bizarre Creations from a couple of years ago. That was a whole game based on this idea, but it works a lot better here in my opinion.

    Like most shmups, you could just run through shooting dudes with your default gun, but for real scores you need to learn the levels, know when to use your bombs, and always be thinking about how to keep your bonuses and multipliers going.
    It’s actually a bunch of fun, even more fun than the campaign for me.

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