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00:00-Show Intro
06:05-Drunk Dials
23:03-Discussion Segment: The Ha-Ha Club
1:14:11-Beer Talk: Ommegang Abbey Ale
1:17:09-Lightning Round
1:43:56-The Last Shot
1:46:01-Show Close

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DGR: 02.18.2011

13 Responses to DGRadio: 02.18.2011

  1. Zinswin says:

    Loved the long show.

    Smitten Kitten. Love that Place. I’ve spent a lot of $$ there. Have I mentioned my wife loves me a lot? I recommend this:

    On the subject of comedy, Bill Hicks is a giant who many people have stolen from, most notably Dennis Leary (who sucks). That Eddy Izzard piece you guys played had a lot of stuff lifted from Bill. Mitch Hedberg is the king of one-liners, and I really hate one liners. He was also from Maplewood. Dave Attell is the king of quick wit and is stunning to see on stage. Some dude tried to heckle him and HOLY FUCK it did not go well for that dude. I saw Attell, Lewis Black, and Mitch Hedberg on the same stage a few years back and it was the best comedy show I will ever see. I also saw George Carlin at one of the casinos years ago and he was certainly showing his age. Just saying “fuck” and “cunt” over and over and being angry. I wish I hadn’t seen that show to taint my formerly stellar opinion of him.

    Japanese beers: try Hitachino Nest or Baird Brewing. Baird is much harder to find. Hitachino makes an amazing Espresso Stout, a very good IPA and Red Rice Ale, and a stellar old ale aged in sake casks called XH. The White Ale they make is OK. The art on the label is very eye catching, has a red owl.

  2. Zinswin says:

    Oh, the above link is NSFW. That is, if your job sucks.

  3. Mitch says:

    Here’s the full email I sent:

    I’m sure you guys will be mentioning the Louis C.K.s, Brian Regans, Patton Oswalts and Zack Galifianakis’ of the world, here are a few you might not know:

    Kyle Kinane – His first album, last year’s “Death of the Party” might be one of the best debuts in years. Highly reminiscent of Patton Oswalt’s first album “Feelin’ Kinda Patton,” but far more good-natured. (“Nobody in here is going to be surprised if you see me about to get in a fight with the night manager of a Red Lobster over whether or not the moon landing was faked.”)

    Chris Fairbanks – A comedian who has developed an entire act centered around his own bumbling speech, Chris Fairbanks’ stand-up is almost entirely digression-based. Long run-on sentences packed with absurd asides and insane logic, rarely giving the audience a chance to comprehend that most of what he’s saying is absolute nonsense. It’s finely tuned, and his recent album “Fairbanks” is a must-listen.

    Andrew Daly – Best known as “that guy who was on MadTV,” Andrew Daly has since moved on to taking bit parts in terrible comedy films. But his stand-up act is something to behold. His album “Nine Sweaters” borders on sketch comedy/performance art rather than pure stand-up. Recorded in 9 separate parts at the UCB theater in Los Angeles (truly the modern-day mecca for incredible, inventive comedy of all types. The Second City of our era), each track is a separate act, with Daly taking on a new persona each time. From the coke-addled son of a D-rate 70’s television star to the sex-crazed elderly grandfather fulfilling his lifelong dream of performing stand-up comedy, each track is something unique and wonderful. Truly something to behold.

    Anthony Jeselnik – Another one of the best albums released last year, Anthony Jeselnik’s “Shakespeare” is relentless, offensive and pompous. It’s also fabulous.

    Paul F. Tompkins – In my opinion, Paul F. Tompkins is one of the greatest comic minds alive today. His most recent album “Freak Wharf” is wonderful, and the Pod F. Tompkast is one of the best podcasts out there.

    A few more you should know: Maria Bamford, Nick Thune, The Sklar Brothers, Chris Hardwick, Mike Phirman (those last two also comprise the musical duo “Hard ‘n Phirm,” the group who wrote the Radiohead bluegrass medley “Rodeohead.” Listen to it.) Jimmy Pardo, Jen Kirkman, Graham Elwood, Eugene Mirman (underline underline) Myq Kaplan.

    Also, check out the band “Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die.” Technically, they’re listed as comedy music, but other than a few songs–For example, their recent “She’s Got Titties (In All the Right Places)”–They’re mostly just awesome indie rock with weird lyrics. It’s also comprised of Paul Rust and Harris Wittels, who writes for Parks and Rec.

  4. John says:

    We’ll definitely hit Dave Attell and Bill Hicks next time as they’re two of my all time favorites. I used to watch Bill Hicks when I was in high school and his material blew my fucking mind. And Dave Attell is one of the best. I saw him a couple years back and he was amazing.

    We didn’t want to turn this into some crazy 3-4 hour podcast. We’ll be coming back to the topic in the near future.

  5. fluffy_nuts says:

    Great show, comedy is one of the best topics ever, needs a part 2

  6. fluffy_nuts says:

    And what’s a yani?

  7. Moe says:

    BAM! And just like that, Fluffy redeems himself! Well done.

  8. deadward says:

    Fuck yeah, Valient Thorr is rad! I saw those guys a couple of times back in CA, and they rocked! The best part was that they had this back story about being space vikings or something that came from space to save Rock-N-Roll…

    Another awesome throwback band are 3 Inches of Blood. They sound like a modern version of Maiden that only sings about orcs and wizards and sword battles and shit.
    On the cheesey side, but they rock super hard when your in that kind of mood.

  9. tokengirlstfu says:

    God Damn I love the comedy segment.

  10. ilduce620 says:

    I’ve watched “Daily Show” for years and generally liked Lewis Black, but then a few years ago, he ran his Starbucks bit (about seeing the end of the world, and it was a Starbucks across the street from another Starbucks). Genius. Loved him ever since.

    I like Carlin, but most of my exposure to him has been through Kevin Smith movies. I’ve got a few of his specials queued on Netflix Streaming, as they added a bunch of them over the past few months.

  11. fluffy_nuts says:

    moe, i’m sure you’ve seen these but John and Hilden you need to watch these Eddie Izzard bits done with lego

    deathstar canteen
    late night shopping
    cake or death

  12. MeatMan says:

    Great show! Comedy FTW. Can’t wait for the next installment of the Ha-Ha Club.

    Richard Pryor and George Carlin are the 2 best of all time IMO. Carlin’s “stuff” bit is great, but I think his “baseball vs football” bit is an even better example of his talent as a comedic artist.

  13. Tex says:

    Carlin is my all-time favorite stand up. His timing, talent, and attitude was a package that was a force to be reckoned with. Zinswin, you probably saw him around the Life Is Worth Losing era, and I’ll agree with you, that wasn’t his best stuff. Still funny, but very dark, and he went for a lot of the cunt fucks. I saw him on his last tour, the one leading up to his last HBO special It’s Bad For Ya…and the bastard was back in fine form. I consider myself lucky to have seen him do his thing…

    Bill Burr is another good stand-up. I still crack out his Comedy Central special on a monthly basis for giggles…as well as the first Dane Cook Comedy Central special. He kinda jumped the shark with his later stuff, I think.

    Lisa Lampanelli is awesome. Her Stern appearances alone are enough to make you love her…or hate her.

    We went to see Norm MacDonald a couple of years ago in Edmonton, and he was hilarious. Different material, and some people weren’t too enthused, but I laughed my ass off. Christopher Titus was great too. Damn. I need to hit the Comic Strip again. or Yuk Yuks.

    Also, re: 3 Inches of Blood:


    Fuck do they rock.

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