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00:00-Show Intro
04:14-Drunk Dials
20:45-Discussion Segment: Comic Intervention
52:36-Wine Talk
56:16-Lightning Round
1:16:28-Top PIcks
1:20:49-The Last Shot
1:21:24-Show Close

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DGR: 02.12.2011

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11 Responses to DGRadio: 02.12.2011

  1. fluffy_nuts says:

    I loved the comic segment, you guys were the main reason for me starting to read comics and now I’m reading comics more than playing games, I would love to hear more of this sometime. If you ever want to recommend new comics or just talk about your ones there’s a small thread on VGEVO away from the hardcore nerds., you know, that’s just if you want to. Thanks for the show

  2. tokengirlstfu says:

    Love the comic book segment. You made my day.

  3. ilduce620 says:

    Great show, guys. You make me want to go get a massage. In the best way possible.

    I wanted to mention that “Dead Space 2” on the PS3 comes with “Dead Space: Extraction,” which is the game Moe has for the Wii. So, it’s a light gun game, but because it’s on PS3, it’s all HD-ified. If you have Playstation Move, then you can play it that way – otherwise, you can still play it with a controller. You can’t get “Extraction” on 360. So yeah, if you’re gonna check it out, I’d have a serious look at the PS3 version, especially if you have a Move controller or two.

  4. King Abdul says:

    The Comic section was cool. I’ve always been interested in getting into comics but there’s just so many alternate titles and reboots and what not that I wouldn’t know where to start, so I’ve just never bothered. I’ll stick to the movies and tv shows and feign ignorance when hardcore comic books guys scream that it’s strayed from the original source material.

  5. damo says:

    Awesome show guys. The disingenuous geisha voices had me laughing every time. And, BITCH TITS!

    Hilden, you were wondering if you could jump right into Dead Space 2 without having played the first one – and I’d say yes you can. In the menu of the second one you can actually play a short “previously on Dead Space” movie that will catch you up on the big points of the storyline, so you won’t be totally confused while playing it. If you like crazy scary fucked up shit I think you’ll like the game. Anyone who’s been in the elementary school section of Dead Space 2 will know how fucked up it can really get!

  6. fluffy_nuts says:

    @king abdul, I was in the same spot, I had no idea where to start but I got put on to a few self contained stories and it led into others, it’s actually easier than I thought to get into all of it

  7. tokengirlstfu says:

    I got into it by watching the old G4 comic podcast with Blair Butler. Then I found out that the first weekend in May was Free Comic Book Day then I became friends with one of the employees then I became unemployed and hung out there every Sunday. That was almost two years ago.

  8. fluffy_nuts says:

    @tokengirl, really, I just wanted to be more well rounded nerd

  9. tokengirlstfu says:

    @fluffy_nuts: So did I but I kinda have an addictive personality. I just dive right in to whatever catches my fancy and don’t stop until I overdose. I am suprised I’m not in AA meetings and glad that my friends know that I should never be left alone with an MMO a la WoW.

  10. fluffy_nuts says:

    @tokengirl I can’t play that game, I’m so scared that I’ll like it

  11. Zinswin says:

    Great discussion on being a parent and gaming. I think Jonathan Coulton’s “You Ruined Everything” sums the feeling up very nicely how (being a parent is great/man I had fun before) works out. You can stream it for free here under his “Thing a Week Four” section:

    Also, my youngest daughter totally knows when my wife and I are about to have naked sexy time. We could be hanging out in a different room for hours away from them, and then when something gets unzipped she’s suddenly there. The older kid has no such 6th sense.

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