In the “brag about your wife” category of this site, I make the following entry. My wife is now the voice of OfficeMax ads and you can (or probably already have at this point) heard her on the most recent television commercials. Check one out:

Oh, and go buy some paper clips or something.


5 Responses to Who Needs Office Supplies?

  1. Zinswin says:

    Put on the money hat!

    Congrats to Jennifer, voice over work is a really nice gig. Now you may have to give her some lobster bucks if you want her to star in your next extravaganza.

    Now I need to go buy some ink.

  2. Tiggermango says:

    I KNEW that voice sounded familiar!!! Well done, Jennifer!

    I’ll skip the ink…I just want to go buy a bunch of those rubber band balls to throw around. :-)

  3. tribrix says:

    No wonder she was such a good substitute host, she’s a pro, by definition. Congrats!!!

  4. Ryker XL says:

    Hilden what’s her day rate? Seriously… :)

  5. carrotpanic says:



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