Road Runner – Fur Of Flying from Animation-HD on Vimeo.

Awhile back, I read somewhere that WB was going to give Looney Tunes a comeback. It was easy to ignore since everything that was brought back in my childhood from Ninja Turtles to Transformers had a pattern with reminding me that being a little kid was not that cool; or the new updates just sucked balls.

Then this new business was uploaded last week. Coyote & Road Runner were some of my favorite cartoon shorts back in the day. This is probably because nobody spoke a word. There’s a certain timeless appeal of silent characters in short animation from Pink Panther to Tom &; Jerry. Thankfully, these new shorts are some surprisingly good reimaginings of the 2D classics. I would like to watch more. Matthew O’Callaghan is the director, Tom Sheppard is the writer, Greg Lyons is the producer, and Christopher Lennertz did the music. Since nobody can get Zombie Tex Avery to make anything nowadays, I think I’ll follow these new guys around and see where it takes me.

Road Runner – Coyote Falls 2010 from Animation-HD on Vimeo.

The bad news is since western animation instantly means “child programming”, these shorts are supposedly coming out on a new half-hour block called The Looney Tunes Show premiering on Cartoon Network next month. Since I get a hold of short video podcasts already, what I was hoping somebody would do is put their four-minute animations out there as a podcast/vodcast so my podcast catcher apps could let me watch short animations on my phone on my lunch breaks. I dunno how I haven’t found anybody who has done this yet. Why WB won’t give YouTube style web cartoon shorts its own podcast/”vodcast” is beyond me.

If Warner Bros. is back on the scene, can somebody point me toward the nearest “Bring back Freakazoid and Animaniacs” petition?

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6 Responses to The Looney Tunes Show

  1. ledesh says:

    Little podcast shorts of old loony toons would be amazing. I still dont get why LT ever went away. I thought i heard something about some mom with a stick up her ass about too much violence for her kid. Bull Shit.

    I also agree with bringing back Animaniacs and Freakazoid (though I never saw much Freakazoid). But what we really need back is Tiny Toons. One of my favorite childhood shows. “Elevator go down the hooooooooole.”

  2. MeatMan says:

    I grew up watching the originals, so without Mel Blanc doing the voices, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

    Also, despite the correct spelling appearing in the image you used, you misspelled Looney Tunes (not Toons) every time in the article. =P

  3. damo says:

    YES Animaniacs! That show was genius.

  4. Not everything that has been brought back from childhood has sucked balls. Transformers: Beast Wars and He-Man 2002 are proof that the new versions can be awesome.

  5. John says:

    Firstly: “Toons vs. Tunes” = Edited. (Curse you, Hilden!)

    Secondly, to Rusty’s point, I agree that not all remakes/reboots are bad. The He-Man show from ten years ago was actually fucking great, and most of the TMNT stuff has been good as well. Sometimes they go off the reservation by doing shit like sticking the Turtles in a different dimension or some bullshit, but it’s mostly pretty good. Especially that CG movie from a couple years back. That was great.

    This Loony Tunes show looks pretty damned good. I’m usually not a fan of CG stuff, but the Roadrunner/Coyote stuff seems like it could be a good fit. I’ve got the first Golden Collection of Loony Tunes and my kid loves it. I’m sure he’ll love this, too, once it comes out.

    Also, DJ, you mentioned voiceless characters, and Tom & Jerry in particular. Man, have they been butchering that franchise lately. My son got the Tom & Jerry movie from a couple years ago as a gift from his Grandma, and they gave them voices. Blasphemy! (Also, an absurdly terrible movie).

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