co4A while back, I wrote a pretty lengthy article on the new super hero MMO, Champions Online. Despite fantastic graphics and excellent storytelling, this new MMO from Cryptic had a hard time maintaining a solid customer base. I’m not sure if it was the lack of necessary grinding, or if people simply preferred City of Heroes, but server populations shrunk shortly after launch. 

So what’s an MMO to do? Throw in the towel like APB? Not these heroes! Cryptic has launched a free-to-play version of Champions Online. The game is essentially the same; the same zones, enemies, and missions. The limitations come in limited character archetypes and less overall powers. You can still experience the world in a pay mode and have access to unlimited powersets and costumes. They even re-upped the lifetime subscription model and it’s on sale for $239.  (That’s only a good idea if you plan to play for over 15 months). 

So like The Defender, I am calling all DGR heroes who might be interested in kicking butt together to sign up.  It would be great to create a super group and bust bad guy heads together. Who’s with me?

Ryker XL, aka “Tarantula”

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