Red State – Coming 2011 from Red State on Vimeo.

Kevin Smith just posted this up on It’s a trailer for his new flick, Red State. And it looks and feels nothing like a Kevin Smith movie.

Honestly? It kinda gives me a boner. How ’bout you?

If you want to see a bigger version, hit I can’t embed the full size here without fucking up the site.

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8 Responses to Red State Trailer!

  1. Tex says:

    Maybe it’s because his twitter feed is good and addictive, but I’m psyched for it too. I slightly wish for a “I wasn’t even supposed to BE here today” reference, but I’m thinking this is going to be an awesome departure for Kev. Started listening to the Red State of the Union casts as well…

  2. Shermi says:

    Smodcast rules can’t wait to see his new movie. I haven’t see a good horror movie in a long time. These days it’s more about torture than suspense. They need to get back to the “I can’t watch the rest of this movie unless the lights are on.” kind of films.

  3. tribrix says:

    This looks amazing. I can’t believe it’s a Kevin Smith trailer. WOW!

  4. MeatMan says:

    Having only that 1-minute trailer to go by, my reaction is ‘meh’. Sure, it doesn’t look like a “Kevin Smith movie” (read: comedy), but that’s because it isn’t (a comedy). That said, consider me intrigued.

    As for getting a nerd boner, this is what did it for me a couple days ago when I found out about it:

    DO WANT! 😀

  5. John says:

    I was thinking less “not a comedy” and more the camera shots and vibe of the thing. This flick looks like it might actually have an interesting visual style.

  6. Ryker XL says:

    Smith is amazing, but his last departure from his style of film making was the atrocious “Cop Out.” Let’s hope this is much better.

  7. John says:

    Yeah, but he was just a director-for-hire on that. I don’t count that as a Kevin Smith movie.

    Plus, I didn’t think the movie was THAT bad. The first ten-fifteen minutes were terrible, but after that it reminded me of an 80s buddy-cop movie.

  8. fluffy_nuts says:

    I thought John Goodman was dead, I really want to watch it now

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