Not my normal beat, for sure, and slightly off the beaten track for Robot Panic. But I recently got the chance to take in this duo’s show and I was impressed. There are a lot of acts out there catering to the wee ones, and Princess Katie and Racer Steve are such a band. But I would say this particular duo has a lot to offer adults in the crowd too. At one point in the show, Princess Katie launched into a really lame rendition of “The Wheels on the Bus”. But then she stopped abruptly. “Hey parents, I bet you thought it would be like that today, Yeah, I don’t think so,” before kicking into another raucous original tune. This band is very energetic, and brash, but not so loud that it’s going to damage the hearing of the youngsters it’s meant for.

In addition to the lively and upbeat tunes, the show featured a few comedy elements that really got the kids engaged (and provided a laugh or two the those of us who’ve already graduated elementary school). A particular favorite was a large phone on stage and the kids were asked to scream “telephone” when it rang. One of the band members would answer it and perform a little comedy dialogue. It was a small thing, but very effective in maintaining variety in the show.

I’ve said a bit already, but I haven’t mentioned the best part of this show. Though it’s constructed for kids – young kids – this is a rock show and it’s not shy about saying it either. As I was sitting there, taking it in, I wondered why we didn’t have anything like this when I was a kid. It would certainly have inspired me to pursue music education at a younger age, and even encouraged me to stick with it. On top of which, you could see on the kids faces how much they were loving this show and totally getting into it. If you like rock and want to see it sustained by the next generation, Princess Katie and Racer Steve are like these great ambassadors of rock for the future of the genre, and they do it by instilling a love of rock into the youthful youth of today.

Now, despite my great affection for the band, there was one point in the show where I felt it dragged a little, and I wasn’t alone. For one Mexican number, all the guys in the band donned sombreros and mustaches. At that point, a five year old in our party announced, “this isn’t rock”. And he was right, of course, but his comment was really about the fact that the show seemed to have lost a little steam at that point.

However, things did pick up by the end, and the kids rushed the stage for the final, and totally energetic closing tune. Observing the chaos of a hundred kids up on stage with the band, Katie remarked, “You kids are behaving just like grown-ups at a rock show.” Which got a laugh out of me.

I’m going to spare you the details of how I wound up seeing Princess Katie and Racer Steve, but I’m recommending anyone with kids under the age of ten to make an effort to see this band when they are in your area. I’m not going to suggest it for adults without kids, but if you are there with a party of children, I think you’ll have a good time. And they will have a blast. Super the bestest; highly recommended.

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