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00:00-Show Intro
04:15-Drunk Dials
10:03-Discussion Segment: Kinectapolooza
38:51-Retro Review: Toobin’ (NES)
42:39-Lightning Round
1:02:09-The Last Shot
1:03:18-Show Close

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DGR: 11.08.2010

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19 Responses to Drunken Gamers Radio: 11.08.2010

  1. ledesh says:

    God I love your podcast. You guys keep me going when at work, witch is great cause I work at a liquor store.

  2. ilduce620 says:

    Great show, despite the fact that you didn’t use my LR topic this week…grrrr…

    I think Moe hit the nail on the head with regards to Nintendo going after “that audience” from the beginning. Their genius with the Wii, amongst other things, was the realization that fans of Nintendo will buy their system regardless of what marketing they use. The system that powers Mario, Zelda, Metroid, et al. will sell a base number of units simply because it carries those specific games. So, they practically ignored that crowd and focused on the folks that wouldn’t otherwise buy a Mario/Zelda/Metroid game, hitting two different demographics while only really marketing toward one.

  3. CanadianJon says:

    Even though John didn’t like the Kinect, I’m wondering if he still respects the business strategy of Microsoft. I think it’s pretty sneaky to start selling this thing to family’s first where a person like Hilden grabs it for his kids but the unit is still in his house. I think hardcore games will come later on but right now they are just adopting the Nintendo strategy of wow the soccer moms and get the unit into homes, then once the install base is high enough the more hardcore company’s can justify putting games out for this thing.

    I haven’t played Kinect yet but I do want to try it out. Also I hear the Adventure game has the most lag out of any of the games released. I heard sports is way better.

  4. John says:

    Oh, I totally get what they’re doing. The same way I get why Celine Dion albums sell. Both are successful, and neither are things that I’m even remotely interested in.

    As far as Adventure’s lag went, it was an issue, but one I got used to. I was more disappointed by how boring is was and how it lacked any creativity whatsoever. The entire game was made up of shit I was doing with my EyeToy 8 years ago. I think Adventure is a barely mediocre game given a free pass by people because the tech behind it is new and shiny.

    Eventually it could be a very cool thing. But at the moment, it’s a glorified EyeToy with a library of games geared toward – and ONLY toward – preschoolers and soccer moms. And I guess that was the other point I was making: Wii Sports and Wii Sports resort were games that almost EVERYBODY (except maybe preschoolers) could enjoy, including me. Microsoft doesn’t seem to have that same ability to make games for a broad audience.

  5. Ryker XL says:

    I know I am getting OLD, but I do believe the retro review was supposed to be Bass Fishing for the Dreamcast. Shenanigans, Shenanigans I say! Maybe the fishing controller broke or something which would be too bad, because as an arcade game Bass Fishing Rocks! It was the first game I remember where control really made you feel like you were fishing. That and it’s not so much as Sim as it is just a fun fishing game. Not sure how much it sells on Goatstore, but you can find copies for around $10 which is well worth it.

    I have to agree with @ilDuce and @CanadianJon on their Kinect takes. Clearly Microsoft is trying to go after the marketshare that Ninetendo currently owns. Since E3 Microsoft’s message has been aimed at that family experience. We can laugh all we want to at the lighted elephants and such, but as Hilden reminds us, if my kid LOVES it, I’m in.

    I got to play with Dance Central at the fair this year and I will tell you that game is a ton of fun! Perhaps the best part is that you actually learn some legit dance steps so you don’t wind up looking like Elainne from Seinfeld at the clubs anymore. And trust me, chicks dig guys who can dance well!

  6. Hilden says:

    “…but I do believe the retro review was supposed to be Bass Fishing for the Dreamcast.”

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. Audio evidence clearly states that Toooooooobin was the game.

    Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Move along.

  7. John says:

    I don’t think the fact that Microsoft is aiming towards the family crowd is in dispute here. It’s pretty blatant (and rather desperate, but that’s a different argument). But regarding the whole “my kid loves it thing”, I get that. A million times over: I GET THAT. But I can only look at things from my own perspective.

    Look at it this way: My kid loves that horrible Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon too. He watches that shit a half-dozen times per day. And I’m glad that the show makes him happy and because it does I sit there and watch it with him until I want to hang myself. But again, I can only look at it from my perspective and say that if it weren’t for my kid, that show would never be aired in my house ever. Kinect is the same thing. Outside of the fact that I have a 3 year-old who might get into it, at this time I can see absolutely zero reason to buy it as I find the games incredibly shallow and not enjoyable or appealing in the least. In fact, if you take the neat-O newness of it out of the equation, they’re actually quite bad.

    Sorry if I sound like I’m a complete downer on the whole thing. But how is this different than if we were reviewing the movie Beaches? I’d be like, “Yeah, if you want to sit on the couch with your wife and have a good cry, Bette Midler is great in this thing. But if you’re a fully-grown heterosexual male with a set of balls, there’s nothing here for you.”

    But like I said during the podcast, I fully anticipate buying one eventually. I’m just guessing that a third-party (other than the ever-money-grabbing Ubisoft) is going to have to be the ones to do something interesting with it.

    Oh, and about Dance Central: Ryker, you know me. Do I seem like the guy who goes to “the clubs”? And fortunately, I married a woman who shares my bewilderment at the concept of dancing. I’m good to go there. 😉

  8. Ryker XL says:

    Sniff…Sniff…I smell a conspiracy going on here and just like Rorshcach I’m gonna get to the bottom of it!

    And @John you are correct sir, not a club guy. But one can and does find dancing to live music and at an occasional wedding. And even if your beloved (who is pretty bad ass I might say) does share your disdain for dancing; I’m pretty sure that if you showed some fly moves out on the dance floor at some wedding you had to go to that it just might get you laid. All the more reason to get Kinect and Dance Central!

    Just sayin’ 😉

  9. awesomo316 says:

    On the topic of Dance Central – Rabbit over at GWJ raved on about it and how accurate it was. He said something to the effect of this is how accurate games will get with Kinnect.

    But I’m with John on this – it’s a dancing game.

    I get initially it might be fun but how long and how often do you expect to be playing this for? I’m guessing only at parties or when friends are over but even then can you see youself playing all night long like a Rock Band game?

    What amazes me even more is that they’re bringing out DLC for Dance Central – really? Will people really want dlc for this? Especially as Hilden said this system is pitching to the family audience – will Mum and Dad know what dlc is? Will they know what Microsoft Points are?

  10. John says:

    I don’t think DLC is a problem, and it makes sense for a game like this. I’m not sure how many songs are in the game, but I’m guessing doing the same ones over and over again would get pretty old. And if the menus are presented in a simple fashion, I can’t imagine it would be too out of the question for someone to be like, “Hm…$5 for a handful of new tunes? Sure.”

  11. awesomo316 says:

    I suppose if they present it like the Rock Band store – it would be easy to buy new songs instead of navigating through the Xbox Live menus. It might be similiar to the SingStar Store but I don’t know how popular that has been either.

    According to wikipedia there is 32 songs, 650 dance moves and 90 dance routines.

  12. Insaniac says:

    Lightning round cracked me up this time. I love John and Moe both keeping score. It is amazing how much of a difference there is between you two as scorekeepers. Keep up the funny ass drunken business.

  13. CanadianJon says:

    Just for clarification I wasn’t trying to say that you should love Kinect John, I was just asking if you respected the business move. Like I said I can’t really comment on it one way or the other yet because I haven’t even tried Kinect yet. I am intrigued though and I totally agree that there is no software for me to enjoy at the moment.

    Once I see a Mass Effect trailer though where I can have my own conversations with NPC’s no matter how basic….I’m in!

  14. MeatMan says:

    I’m gonna jump in and back up John on this one. I demoed Kinect and Move at this year’s E3. Based on what I was shown, I would, as an adult gamer, choose Move over Kinect if I had to pick one. Right now the only reason to get Kinect is if you have at least one kid in the 5-9 age range. Or if you have social gatherings often at your home involving women and/or guys that are interested in dancing.

    P.S. ahhhhhhhhhh, Lightning Round! You guys are correct; that intro never does get old.

  15. phneri says:

    Hold the fucking phone here.

    Are you accusing me of enjoying Beaches?

  16. John says:

    Not at all. Just saying that no heterosexual man would. But I can totally picture a middle-aged queen sobbing to himself on the couch with his mother while watching a Bette Midler flick. 😉

  17. carrotpanic says:

    I was going to say something about Bette Midler’s sexual organs, but I don’t want to be banned from here too :)

  18. Moe says:

    … and stay out!


  19. carrotpanic says:

    I’m a rambler, Moe. I ramble where I please.

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