Shock Theater Bonus Yes, the rumors are true. Like that kick ass comic miniseries that just can’t seem to end in four issues, Sunday SHOCK Theater is back for one more evening of thrills, chills, and a shit ton of fun!  And oh do we have a killer flick to end this Halloween night: the HorrorFest classic Zombies of Mass Destruction!.  The title alone shows you just how epic of a film this is.

Port Gamble is a quiet little island town. Like many small towns it is struggling with how life is changing. The classic American small town values are slowly being replaced by political corrrectness. Even the Mayor is on a campaign to get back to Port Gamble’s roots. But this quiet little town is about to receive an even bigger problem: an infestation of zombies! Directed by Kevin Hamedani, Zombies of Mass Destruction is a comedy horror flick akin to the classic Shawn of the Dead. Be prepared for some gruesome effects and a ton of laughs as a small bunch of survivors attempt to defend their small town from a hoard of flesh eating zombies. 

Gather on XBOX Live for Sunday SHOCK Theater at  7:15 PM CST this Halloween night.  The movie will start promptly at 7:30 CST ending just in time for the premier of The Walking Dead on AMC. Those who want to can stick around in Party Chat to watch the premier of this fabulous series!

2 Responses to Sunday SHOCK Theater – Zombies of Mass Destruction

  1. tokengirlstfu says:

    Wish I could do this tonight but I got wrangled into taking a couple of neighbor kids trick-or-treating. Oh man it will suck

  2. Ryker XL says:

    Trick or Treating is cool TG, no worries we may have to reprise this flick though as it was truly awesome. :)

    Happy Halloween!

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