Shock 8

We end our Sunday SHOCK Theater with a real doozie, the 1988 Dutch film The Vansihing (Spoorloos).  Directed by George Sluizer, The Vanishing is regarded as one of the top 10 scariest movies of all time.  What makes The Vanishing so intense is not that it’s got a ton of gore or hoards of unstoppable monsters.  It’s frightening because it’s all too real and it strikes at inherent fears that lurk inside us all. 

Adapted by the novel The Golden Egg, The Vanishing  is about a young Dutch woman named Saskia Wagter (Johanna ter Steege) who disappears from a rest stop along a highway in rural France.  Her lover, Rex Hofmann (Gene Bervoets), cannot accept her disappearance and embarks on an obsessive search for her spanning years.  Soon Rex’s quest becomes laughable to everyone but two people; himself, and the individual who knows where Saskia is.

The writing and performances in this film are top notch, and the last hour of the film will have you on the edge of your seat.  So come join us for a haunting experience that will stick with you for quite some time; this Sunday, 7:00 PM CST on Xbox Live….See you there friends…

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  1. Ryker XL says:

    Thanks to all those who showed up tonight (even you Moe)!

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