Welcome to SHOCKtober! It’s that time again. The air is cool and crisp, the leaves are falling, and it’s time to watch some blood splatter. For those who weren’t around last year, in SHOCKtober! (exclamation point necessary), we count down the month by featuring a new movie each day; one that’ll spook you, creep you out, or scare the living shit out of you. Last year, we tried to stay away from the obvious movies, ones that everyone knows about. But since we went through thirty-one flicks, we can’t make the same promise this year. So forgive us if we include the occasional classic or if we include a movie that doesn’t exactly fall into the straight-up “horror/slasher” genre.

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Let’s begin with Ryker’s pick for this Sunday’s “Sunday SHOCK Theater:


This week I’d thought we start things off with a shorter entry, an hour to be exact, so you can ease yourself into the goodness that is Sunday SHOCK Theater.  Incident On and Off a Mountain Road was the very first episode in the Showtime series Masters of Horror.  Each episode would be a retelling of a short horror story directed by someone well known in the horror industry.  The narrative is taken from a short story by Joe R Lansdale and directed by none other than Don Coscarelli (best known for his work on the Phatasm series and the cult classic Bubba Ho-tep).   

It’s a dark and stormy night and Ellen (Bree Turner) is driving alone along a secluded mountain road (are you scared yet).  All of a sudden she loses control and almost hits an abandoned car.  While investigating Ellen discovers a trail of blood leading into the forest.  Does she follow it?  Of course she does, otherwise the movie would be over.  Ellen follows the trail only to find a deformed killer dragging his last victim.  Can Ellen escape the wrath of this unstoppable killing machine, or will she too suffer the same fate of his many victims?  Join us this Sunday at 7:00 PM CST on Xbox Live and find out!

3 Responses to Sunday SHOCK Theater – Incident On and Off a Mountain Road

  1. Ryker XL says:

    Thanks to those who showed up last night. It was just what I needed to get into the SHOCKTober mood!

    The cool thing about this short, and what I liked about it was they show a female lead actually using her brain and not just running around screaming her face off (although there was soem of that as well here). That along with Nick PapaGeorgio and some really sppoky cinematography made this a really fun watch.

    Next week will be EPIC and I do hope you can make it. Especially those who wanna hang with the DGR crew but somehow think you’re not cool enough. Trust me you are, just look me up on XBL and be prepared for a fun night.

  2. John says:

    Sorry I couldn’t stick around for the whole movie, but I caught up on what I missed from Wikipedia. It was certainly an MST3K-like experience. The most hilarious bits for me were with Rusty Griswold. I’ve got a feeling that the writer probably didn’t envision that couple looking the way they did. The casting was kinda fucked up, IMO. Fun flick, but more in a “Haha…WTF?” kinda way.

  3. Ryker XL says:

    Masters of Horror was a real hit or miss series. I liked this episode for the ambiance and cool twist ending that you missed of course. You are right about Nick PapaGeorgio, never really let that bug me until a room of people start making fun of it. Cool stuff. :) Just wait until next Sunday as Sugar Hill will be quite EPIC Yo!

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