We’re going to end this one with a bang; with a gift that’ll keep on giving long after Halloween is through. The twist, however, is that a) it’s a TV show, and b) nobody’s seen it. Yet. That’s because Frank Darabont’s (The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption) take on Robert Kirkman’s excellent comic book series premieres tonight on AMC.

Obviously, since I haven’t seen it yet, I can’t say much about the show. I can, however, tell you that the comic book series is absolutely phenomenal and one of the best zombie stories ever devised. Featuring Rick, an ex-cop who wakes up in a hospital to find the world around him destroyed and crawling with zombies, The Walking Dead is equal parts zombie flick and a story about human nature. You’ll follow Rick as he sets out to find his family while not just fending off hordes of zombies, but also those who survived the zombie plague.

AMC has been on a roll for the past several years with hits like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and with a guy like Frank Durabont at the helm, I have high, high hopes for this one. Plus, we have this awesome preview:

So tonight, after the kids have stopped knocking on your door, sit down with the family and watch the beginning of one of the great zombie stories. I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the second annual SHOCKtober! It really is fun to go through these movies every year. Despite the fact that after sixty-two movies now, the well is starting to run a bit dry, I’m hoping to come up with something for next year. Until then, Happy Halloween!

Don’t forget! Tonight at 7pm CST, Ryker XL is hosting a special Sunday SHOCK Theater, featuring “Zombies of Mass Destruction”. Log into Xbox Live for our final SHOCKtober Netflix viewing party.

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  1. Best of the new shows this year.

  2. Ryker XL says:

    Thanks for a GREAT SHOCKtober John, 62 movies is just barely scratching the surface my friend. :) Walking Dead was simply amazing, can’t wait for more!!!

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