There must be a rule in Hollywood that when an actor is needed to play a straight-shooting, no-nonsense law man, Timothy Olyphant has to be the first person you call. Granted, the guy plays the role well. I just wonder if he ever feels like telling his agent, “No more cop roles!”

But I digress…

The Crazies is a remake of the 1973 George Romero flick by the same name. It’s not a zombie movie, per se, but it certainly contains a lot of zombie-like characteristics. In this version, an airplane containing a biological weapon crashes near a small town in Iowa and the chemicals get into the water supply. Shortly, the contaminated water begins to make the townsfolk nuts, turning them into homicidal maniacs.

A small group of survivors, including Olyphant’s sheriff, his wife the doctor, his deputy, and his wife’s nursing assistant, have escaped the madness of the town and the government containment effort. While the infected are running around, killing everything in sight, the military has also been called in to contain and eliminate anyone who may have the disease, and half the battle is escaping the soldiers patrolling the area.

The Crazies is a very well-done horror flick with plenty of scares and great production. The action starts immediately, so there’s no trudging through pointless exposition. It won’t go down as one of the all-time greats, but it is definitely worth your time. Olyphant does his Deadwood/Justified law man schtick, and it plays perfectly, while the supporting cast backs him up well. Definitely give this one a shot.

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  1. ilduce620 says:

    The DVD has been in my Netflix Queue for a bit, but I noticed that it’s coming to Netflix Instant on Oct 28th. The original is already on Instant Queue, but I plan on checking out the remake just in time for Halloween…

    …mostly because I live in Iowa now… :-)

  2. phneri says:

    I LOVED the slow burn on this movie as the town gradually went more and more terrifyingly batshit. Kinda bummed that it went to “zombie horde with more guns and stabbing” at the end rather than taking the varying psychoses and running with them, but I can see where it would have fragmented the story pretty badly.

    Rented it on Zune last month and do not regret the decision. Pretty solid flick.

  3. Everyone was talking about this movie when it came out and I had a couple people say that I should see it, which usually means I SHOULDNT see it because it most definitely sucks balls, but I gave this one a shot. While not the best horror movie ever, it really wasn’t that bad. A contemporary horror movie, (AND A REMAKE!) that doesn’t blow.

  4. Ryker XL says:

    Oliphant rocks, a great movie and a nice Reinterpretation

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