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00:00-Show Intro
06:04-Drunk Dials
19:52-Discussion Segment: Enslaved (360)
31:52-Retro Review: G.I.Joe-The Atlantis Factor (NES)
36:10-Lightning Round
49:09-The Last Shot
49:52-Show Close

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DGR: 10.10.2010

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36 Responses to Drunken Gamers Radio: 10.10.2010

  1. Insaniac says:

    The new format is awesome. I love the lightning round, it had me busting up laughing. Keep up the funny shit.

  2. tokengirlstfu says:

    I got so mad at your discussion of Enslaved I turned off the podcast prematurely and had to take a few calming breathes. I have never been mad at ya’ll before. Enslaved is a good game and the story is great and the world is beautiful and the camera isn’t bad and the controls were fine to me and Andy Serkis was fantastic. Finish the game before you talk about it because you sound stupid to the people whose finished the game.

  3. John says:


    Let me recap for you since I don’t think you actually heard the things we said.

    1) We said it was a good game
    2) We said the story was great
    3) We said the world was beautiful
    4) Hilden and I disagreed with Moe about the camera and controls
    5) We agreed about Andy Serkis

    In addition, I also said that I liked what we played so much that I’m going to pick it up.

    We said at the top of the show that we’re mostly done “reviewing” games and these segments would mostly be about the games that we played together each week. In other words, our discussion segment is based on what we played and not meant to be a definitive review.

    So grab a paper bag, breathe into it, and work on the ol’ listening comprehension.

    Can we be friends again?

  4. tokengirlstfu says:

    *sigh* okay. I was in a giraffe costume and I sweated all my rage into it so I’m good.

  5. MeatMan says:

    Yeah, I guess tokengirl was in a shitty mood when she listened to the show, but shit happens so it’s all good, yes?

    I too was very impressed by the Enslaved demo, so after reading a couple reviews, I took a chance and bought it on release day. Discounting most of what Moe said (sorry Moe; in my mind you’re more of an email reader/discussion interrupter than a gamer), even though John and Hilden have only played the first 20% (or less) of the game, their instincts based on that short amount of time are spot-on for the most part. Yes, the game is heavily scripted. Yes, the combat is mostly the same throughout the game, although it does vary a bit as you progress (upgrades, boss fights, mini-boss fights).

    IMO, where the game shines is (1) the fresh, vibrant take on the typical post-apocalyptic game setting, (2) the great characterization (facial animation and voice acting) which leads to (3) the great storytelling/presentation of the relationship that develops between the two main characters (Monkey and Trip), and last but certainly not least (4) the very interesting ending that I guarantee you won’t expect.

    Yes, the game only takes about 8-10 hours (I finished it in about 9 hours over 4 play sessions) with no reason to replay it unless you’re an achievement collecter, so I would recommend to either rent it or buy it and trade it in as soon as you finish, which I’ve already done.

  6. Moe says:

    You’re all high. The controls on this are not broken, but they aren’t tight. Not by a long shot. That, and the camera’s a total piece of shit at the beginning. If I can’t see where I’m going then it’s not working. Much like windshield wipers. Booya.

  7. MeatMan says:

    I’ll agree that, during combat, the controls aren’t as responsive as they should be, but I had little to no problem with the camera.

  8. John says:

    I’ll reiterate what I said during the podcast: the camera’s fine and always points you in the right direction (for the most part). It’s when youvstart fiddling with it that things go wrong. People who played Uncharted and Prince of Persia will have no problem finding their way around.

  9. Moe says:

    And I, as well. If the camera can’t function with some sense of auto-tracking in this style of game, then there is a design flaw. It’s like excusing a high-perormance sports car with bad alignment because the lines are so nice and it goes really fast. No player should not have to be a battle Monkey and a camera man at the same time.

    It’s a pretty game and the story seems interesting, but if I’m frequently pulled out of the experience by issues with the basic function of the control scheme, there is a design flaw, either by program or decision, neither of which are reasonable. At this point in the life-cycle, issues like this should be gone. Numerous third-person examples abound without this very simple camera issue. I never said it was a bad game, I said it has a problem. And it does.

  10. John says:

    I…uh…I don’t wanna say you’re wrong, but I will say that you may not be right. Because not once while I was playing did I have a problem with the camera. Furthermore, not once did I feel the need to even touch the right stick. Because, like I said, and like we said during the podcast, the game almost holds your hand and walks you through it. When you enter a room, the camera points you to where you’re supposed to go. And, most of the time, there’s a glowing object staring you in the face.

    Honestly, I think the big problem you had was when you were placed in a new room you would diddle with the camera wondering, “Where do I go?”, when the answer was almost invariably: straight ahead, or: where the camera is pointing. The game is incredibly linear that way.

    To me, this game controls just as well as – and the camera operates similar to – other games in its genre, such as Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Prince of Persia, etc.

    In conclusion, I think your impressions are based on a very limited amount of gameplay, of a game that is not in the style you play with any sort of regularity and have admitted to not enjoying. As a result, you’re being a Negative Nancy.

    Naa-Naa-Na-Boo-Boo. Stick your head in doo-doo.

  11. Moe says:

    Alright… before you take you ball and go home, I’m gonna try this one more time.

    You love your mommy. I understand. She is pretty. She makes good cookies and she let’s you stay up late at night. She’s really pretty and she makes you feel good about everything. But she has a lazy eye.

    It wanders around up there with no sense of purpose or direction. I like her too, but that eye, with a mind of it’s own, it makes it hard to talk to her. I’m never sure exactly where to look. Am I looking into her soul…. or its?

    In conclusion, my impressions are based on my experience with your mom. She’s got all these really super things about her. And a lazy eye.

  12. ilduce620 says:

    So, this new format… First of all, in principle, I generally like the changes and switching things up a bit. BUT, I want to suggest two changes:

    1). The Lightning Round. I like the idea. I think 30 seconds may be too short. It seemed like you three were talking really quickly to get all the words out because all of you have a reasonable idea of how long 30 seconds is. A minute, however, is more difficult to gauge and may prevent you all from rushing so quickly through a topic. Basically, the whole thing felt rushed to me. Extending the Q/A session slightly may alleviate some of that?

    2). I want more game discussion. You guys talked about two games, basically (Enslaved and GI Joe). How about doing a discussion at length about a single game, and then each of you bring up ONE other game or demo that you played? I like the idea of all three of you talking about a game, but this is a gaming podcast and there weren’t all that many games talked about. I just find it hard to believe that you three only played one game (plus Hilden’s retro game…) this past week.

    Just a few thoughts. Otherwise, I like the new format. I just want it longer. And with more games. :-)

  13. John says:

    Good points. Though as hard as it is to believe, Enslaved was all I played last week, aside from a brief bit of Shantae and Explosionade, which I mentioned in the Lightning Round.

    We’re still toying with it and things’ll change each week.

    And Moe, as usual, your analogy is fucked. There is nothing wrong with the camera. You just need to be better at games.


  14. Moe says:

    As usual, you’re too damn stubborn to admit when you’re wrong. Corrective eyewear has been available for years. Why won’t you just buy her a pair. I love her too, but she isn’t perfect. Pow.

  15. John says:

    There’s nothing wrong with my mom’s eyes.

  16. Moe says:

    Repeating it won’t make it true.

  17. John says:

    I don’t even know what we’re talking about anymore. And I suspect that’s part of your diabolical scheme.

  18. carrotpanic says:

    Not quite sure I understand the game part of lightning round. The person who has something to say on a topic loses? Moe says “What do you think John/Hilden?” most of the time and wins?

    At any rate, it was a fun segment and I’m interested to see how it evolves.

    Personally I like the shift away from game news. There are a ton of video game podcasts out there for people who want that kind of information. The new format seems to showcase your personalities (all three of you get to comment on a single game) and I can get on board with that.

  19. John says:

    Shh…don’t question the lightning round. (Hint: it’s supposed to be ridiculous).

  20. Hilden says:

    First of all, this back and forth is hilarious. Please continue.

    Second: Moe has a solid point in that if you fuck with a camera, it shouldn’t become a pain in the ass to get back in the game. A simple camera reset is what is missing here. Overall, I lean more toward John’s view. I think the camera isn’t broken. However, it’s missing a key piece that’s been standard in most games like this for years.

    Also, the two major political parties refute your claim that saying shit over and over doesn’t make it true.

    As to the Lightning Round: I think we need longer time per topic as well. We discussed trying to balance a silly game scenario against actual talk. I think the game part won out this week. We just really want to keep shit moving. We’ll keep tweaking.

    As for show length? Get used to shorter shows.

    As for gaming? We’ve been seriously skewing to an entertainment podcast that has game talk in it for a few years now. As opposed to a video game podcast that happens to include silly shit. Semantics a bit but a true distinction. I expect that will continue to happen. Consider this a step further in that direction.

    I can understand some folks not digging that. All I can say is that there are an ass-load of gaming podcasts out there. We’ve always tried to keep things different and to have fun. At some point, we may not be what folks want out of their “video game podcast”. That’s cool. We get it. We just have to put out a show we can get behind. Truth is, we’re getting tired of the strictly video game scene. When it feels tired, we evolve. That’s what’s happening here.

    Hope that makes sense to those wondering what’s going on. As always, we’re in a state of flux. We’ll eventually land on what feels right.

  21. phneri says:

    I enjoyed the GI Joe games. They were a good time.

    I shall not be acquiring Enslaved. Primarily because I have too many goddamn games already and I played through that game back when it was called Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time. It was fun, but I will finish other games before I buy it again. It does still sound pleasing.

    John and Moe’s debate on busted-ass cameras amuses me, much as Alan Wake debates have previously. I would like these to continue.

    The new format is enjoyable. In my humble opinion you can blow you shorter shows out of your ass with a burrito-fueled buttsplosion (my commute isn’t going to entertain itself, you sack of bastards), but the Lightning Round pleases me. Therefore I will simply listen to more ZomBOOsical as my podcasts dwindle.

    Beer is AWESOME.


  22. awesomo316 says:

    I think every game should have a reset button for the camera – that mechanic seems to have died. It was great especially for handheld games where yo uonly have analog stick.

    I didn’t mind the Lightning Round but I’m sure you guys will perfect it over time and I’ll come to love it.

    I’m also a fan of the shorter podcasts too – I don’t even bother downloading some of the 2-3 hours podcasts out there. I don’t know how they can do it. I do a podcast and we always try to keep it around an hour at most. Shorter is definitely sweeter. Plus it should give you more time to work on other projects like ZomBOOsical II: BOO Harder or something to that effect.

  23. fluffy_nuts says:

    i just got home from the strip club

  24. tokengirlstfu says:

    You know what, guys? I’ll do ya’ll a favor: I take next tues and wed off and play Fallout: New Vegas. Then you can call me up on Skype and I’ll discuss it with you because I will probably finish the game by thursday morning.

  25. Moe says:

    This sounds like trouble… and very dirty. Hilden’s in. I’ll be singing hymns at church.

  26. Delerat says:

    Not really sure what to think of the new format yet, but it’s an interesting change. Only thing I had a problem with is the lightning round. Either you guys care too much about getting points or the points should aim to make the discussion more productive. I know you guys want to make it wild and ridiculous, but for that to happen you need only open your mouths, the rest will come.

  27. tokengirlstfu says:

    But Moe it will be amazing…and just for how awesome I am I have a special deal from “that toy store” that will blow your mind. Buy Fallout or Kirby from “that toy store” and you get a $10 giftcard and a game guide. starts sunday. Boom!

  28. Moe says:

    Boom!? Did you fart? Or fall down? Are you ok?

  29. ilduce620 says:

    Hilden: “As for gaming? We’ve been seriously skewing to an entertainment podcast that has game talk in it for a few years now. As opposed to a video game podcast that happens to include silly shit. Semantics a bit but a true distinction. I expect that will continue to happen. Consider this a step further in that direction.”

    I can appreciate the mix in subjects, and in general, I like the fact that you guys offer a cornucopia of podcast goodness on a weekly basis. But I’d like to point out that one of the reasons I like your podcast is the perspective on gaming that you guys bring. You don’t have that “insider view” or “industry analyst” bent: you guys just like playing video games and view them as we, the Almighty Consumer, does. When Microsoft comes out with a wireless adapter for $100, you ding them for it. When Sony’s interweb infrastructure throws you for a loop, you comment on it. You guys view gaming as the rest of the public does, and you view it in the context of classic games. Your perspective is less clouded and less restrained. And that’s a good thing.

    I guess I’m saying that, while there are “plenty of video game podcasts out there,” you guys do offer something completely unique and different that I don’t get anywhere else. Gamers With Jobs is the next closest thing, but they still bring an even different perspective to your own.

    Just don’t forget to keep talking about games! I don’t mind some extra stuff being thrown in, but the podcast title is “Drunken Gamers Radio.” I expect drinking and I expect games. Plural. :-)

  30. tokengirlstfu says:

    Damnit Moe! stop being mean. :(

  31. John says:

    @ilduce620: Don’t worry, it’ll always be a “mostly gaming” podcast. We’re just mixing things up a bit to keep thing fresh for us.

  32. ilduce620 says:

    @John, et al. I’m sure it will be. And it’s not like I’ll stop listening if you shift it to a weekly drunken discussion of Barry Manilow’s career, let alone decrease the gaming talk. Just want you folks to know the work you do is appreciated and that your gaming discussions are better than you sometimes give it credit for. Mix it up to your collective hearts’ content.

    Just keep making podcasts until the end of time. It’ll keep us all happy. :-)

  33. Moe says:

    But tokergirl, I was just inquiring as to your well-being. Would you rather I didn’t care if you fell? Or if you farted? I sure hell care if John farts, and trust me, you would too. It is not cool.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need prepare to cantor the service tomorrow morning.

  34. Ryker XL says:

    Wow, ok so I go away for a week and just now have time to catch up on the podcast. I second what folks have been saying about length on the lightning round (too short, more please) and the don’t stop talking about games or being yourselfves. That’s why I tuned in originally, it was the genuiness of your interaction and friendship, it’s rare and one we appreciate.

    @TokenGirl, love your review idea for Fallout New Vegas, you should totally do something like that. May I suggest that instead of trying to hook up on Skype, that you take a few moments and write an article. You write extremely well and a well versed review on such a game would be a welcome submission here. That and I’m not sure that any of the guys will actually be playing it so it becomes even MORE welcome!

    That goes for all of you readers out there that think your ideas and submissions are dumb; they aren’t. It’s content from the community that keeps sites like this going so PLEASE contribute. Heck if a guy who can’t spell the word “the” correctly can write in, so can you!

    Peace and spooky shit!

  35. Moe says:

    Peace and spooky shit! So awesome. Our new tag line.

  36. Tex says:

    I’m diggin the new format so far! The lightning round is actually a pretty decent idea as it builds on the back and forth bullshitting that you guys are so damn great at. Moe, I want to punch you in the face you’re so awesome.

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