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Reality shows. They’re terrible. They’re awful. They’ve always been SARS in a cup. Maybe 2010 is the year something decent comes out? Top Shot is run by The History Channel. It is about sixteen people fighting in a marksmanship competition to win $100,000. By marksmanship competition I mean shooting real life weapons in a test of accuracy. Contestants battle with pistols, antique rifles, modern automatics, knives, bows, and other weapons that are good for killings. Players fight in a variety of challenges sometimes reminiscent of arcade light gun games like Point Blank or Police Trainer. There are things like target shooting with explosives, busting glass plates from a zipline, speed runs, horse, tube shots, hammering nails, pattern memorization, base flipping, making long distance shots with mirrors, slicing ropes, cutting live wicks, and many other stunts I’d think I could do with a gun but definitely can’t.

Like most American television, any great watchable concept can be brought down with sad, cringing, gossiping private interviews of each contestant paired with the stupid-balls vote mechanic. I mean, how do you fuck up bringing back American Gladiators?! You can fuck it up with ’00 reality tropes, that’s how! Top Shot is a reality show up-front so the man-drama stuff is all here, but the “drama” is stomachable. The early episodes may seem to be about equal parts shooting vs. over-compensating dudes talking shit about eachother using soft words, but after some people get eliminated the show picks up. It becomes all gun challenges all the time. It gets kinda funny watching these people geek out on guns like how Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3 does when titties are wavin’ all-up-around in his face. The detail contestants go into on how to shoot these weapons is somewhat neat. Surprisingly, the man-drama gossip interviews (faux) sidestory gets interesting when douchbags on the show rally to eliminate a young contestant but the dude starts doling out the harshness and ends all kinds of people’s shit then he’s all like, “o-hai-I-dunno-what-happened!” It’s good TV. It’s popcorn.

So that’s my essay on how I hate reality shows but this Top Shot thing was enjoyable enough to watch the entire season. The first season ended with ten episodes. Season two is being casted. I was able to find this show on my cable’s On Demand. iTunes has the season for less than $20 with first episode free. I saw the Pirate has each file on the Bay as well. [I am sooo smooth!] This clicky thing here is the official website. Go have a look-see.

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  1. Ryker XL says:

    I must admit that I watched and loved this show. First off, Survivor loser Cody (The idiot from season 2 that basically gave the prize to the older chick) is the host and suprising he’s pretty good. It’s fun seeing people graduate from reality show oblivion to make a go at it as something else.

    More importantly, the show was an extended series of stunts you might see on History Channel’s Marksman series. I’m amazed at what people can do with a weapon, just as early Americans were amazed at the antics of professional trick shot artists such as Annie Oakly and Buffalo Bill Cody. Best of all, you get the super slow motion replay of shots that actually connect. For me the show is less about teh drama of a reality show competition and more about watching people do shit that I WISH I could do.

    Great article DJI!

  2. Onikaze says:

    Big fan as well…most of these shows are also available On Demand for Comcast for free.

    Most of my comments are spoilerish so I won’t go into them. The kid is my favorite contestant. I’m kinda surprised that for him to shoot some of the guns he has to tape over his (right) lens with invisible tape. Seems Ghetto.

    Still contend that they should have had more zip line shooting eliminations ^_^

    I did not like the cowboy dude…also skinny truck driver dude was creeeepy

  3. Onikaze says:

    Oh also…the Poker elimination was one of the worst eliminations ever on television.

    Wont spoiler who wins but BOTH contestants need to “shoot” the best hand on a big target wheel…both dont play poker… >_>

  4. AK47Autolock says:

    @ onikaze The matte finish tape of the eye is used by many pro shooters. When you shoot you do NOT want to close either eye. Kelly is mainly trained in long distance scoped shooting. Tapeing over the lens allows him to keep both eyes open, yet focus solely on his site picture down range.

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