Hello again, dearest Robot Panic readers. I have returned from my far too long hiatus that may or may not have involved secret ninja training, world domination planning or seeing how many bags of Goldfish brand crackers I could ingest before my stomach ruptured. During my awesome and very hush hush ninja training, I have discovered something that I felt I need to share with all of you. It is a book, nay, a tome of collected literature/art hybrids. I shall call them…”comics”.

This particular collection is dubbed “Wednesday Comics”. A little backstory, if I may. About one year ago, a bunch of DC wiseguys put their artsy fartsy heads together and came up with an idea that would harken back to the early 1920’s and 1930’s, when a reader of the daily or in those days, weekend, newspaper would be entertained by pages of adventure comics featuring superheroes and other various kinds of heroes. This concept proved to be hugely successful, that is until it stopped being successful and became unsuccessful. So like many people before them that have fallen victim to the old addage of “History repeats itself”, DC has decided to bring back a form of entertainment that has been the way of Gary Coleman (too soon?) for decades. So DC decided to bring some of their most popular characters, with a few less popular, give each a team of great writers and artists, print each issue on shitty classic newsprint paper and ship em out every Wednesday for 12 weeks straight. It was a huge success and as of this day no word on whether or not another series will happen again. (I guess that DC doesn’t like money.)

Enclosed in this HUGE hardcover book, are the originally released 15 character based stories, plus 2 unreleased stories. And who might these characters be? Well, has anyone ever heard of Metamorpho? Or the Metal Men? Or Kamandi? Yes! These DC flagship characters are all in this collection, featuring new stories and collaborations from the top writers and artists that DC keeps locked inside a small, poorly lit basement surrounded by a chicken wire fence at an undisclosed location. Oh, and some jerks like Bat-something, Superbro and the Green…um…Giant are also in there, but no one cares about them. They suck and will probably never be heard from again after this.

Each character gets 12 pages of story. At the time of original release, each week for 12 weeks, each character would only have one page of story, but the entire tale of each fictional crime fighter is told in sequential order in this hardcover collection.

Here’s the entire rundown of the contents:
Batman by Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso
Kamandi by Dave Gibbons & Ryan Sook
Superman by John Arcudi & Lee Bermejo
Deadman by Dave Bullock & Vinton Heuck
Green Lantern by Kurt Busiek & Joe Quinones
Metamorpho by Neil Gaiman & Michael Allred
Teen Titans by Eddie Berganza & Sean Galloway
Adam Strange by Paul Pope
Supergirl by Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner
Metal Men by Dan Didio, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez & Kevin Nowlan
Wonder Woman by Ben Caldwell
Sgt. Rock by Adam Kubert & Joe Kubert
The Flash by Karl Kerschi & Brenden Fletcher
The Demon & Catwoman by Walter Simonson & Brian Stelfreeze
Hawkman by Kyle Baker

Did I mention that this book is oversized? (Like your mom)

*insert visual proof here*
Original newspaper print on left. Hardcover on the right. Der.

And a quick google found these interior pics:
Inside of the book. It just looked really cool. Shut up.

This whole thing will only cost a paltry $49.99 at retail. It isn’t that much. /sarcasm
But if you are a whiny, little girl I suppose you could go here and get it much cheaper.

Whatever you end up paying for this fantabulous little experiment, know this, it was well worth it. It would look great on the coffee table mantle piece. (Just shove those dumb flowers and family pictures off and put this baby up there. Your significant other won’t mind when she THRILLS to the adventures of Batman!)

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7 Responses to Wednesday Comics Hardcover Collection

  1. Hilden says:

    I really enjoyed these when they were out last summer. I looked forward to them every new comic day. I really hope they do this again as it not only scratched the nostalgia itch, it was also filled with some fantastic art.

  2. ELewis17 says:

    Not nearly enough talk of comics here at RP. I like the idea of a lot of different art styles all in one book. I just realized that there is a Beyond Shinders a few blocks from my office. I’ll try to swing be there this afternoon and see if they have this on the shelves. Plus I need to pick up Return of Bruce Wayne to end the mind f*ck that was the first issue.

  3. John says:

    These comics were great. I wonder how they sold, though, as Hot Comics in Richfield had stacks of them lying around all summer last year.

  4. Hilden says:

    You’d have to imagine DC was making a big profit off of these. The printing stock must have brought the cost down considerably. Even if they didn’t sell out of them, I bet the were priced to bring in the cash.

  5. They charged $3.99 for these in the newsprint form. That was a little steep, but I think that most people saw them and just had to buy it because it was so different than all the other comics on the shelf. I guess it might have depended on where you lived to figure out how they sold. My local comic shops are fairly small and if you didnt buy the hot issues the day they came out, you would have to wait a week to get them again, or never at all. I never saw the first couple issues until a couple weeks into the run.

    So even though my mantra is to never jump into a story without starting from the beginning, when I had a chance to pick these individual issues up, i did.

  6. ELewis17 says:

    Beyond Shinders doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I drove out to another shop on my extended lunch break today, but it is apparently closed on Mondays. WTF? Is that normal, or is the universe just really against me today?

  7. I have a backup comics store that is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. I dont know what the hell that is about.

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