We’re kicking off this year’s film festival with a bang with the 2006 French thriller Tell No One. It’s a fitting choice; The reason this film festival was started was to provide smart, entertaining films that counteract the dregs of mindless summer blockbusters. Every year, when I am inevitably let down by the studio tentpole releases, I am chided by friends, who ask me why I can’t just “enjoy the dumb fun.” The reason, in short, is because of films like Tell No One, which provide the same edge-of-your-seat thrills, but do so with an engaging story, well-rounded characters and top-notch filmmaking. It has enough depth for impassioned discussion, but is accessible enough that almost anyone can enjoy it. Despite winning several Cesar awards, making numerous critic’s top-ten lists and holding a 93% rating at Rottentomatoes.com, (100% with top critics) it was tragically overlooked by American audiences.

You can expect the first episode of the film fest podcast to go up this Friday, along with the discussion thread for this week. As is the case with every entry in this year’s film festival, Tell No One is available on Netflix Watch Instantly. To add it to your queue, click the button below.

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5 Responses to Film Festival Week 1: Tell No One

  1. skeletonframes says:

    Watched it this weekend, after seeing the list of Movies, this year. I’ll save the discussion for Friday, after I watch it again.

  2. carrotpanic says:

    Where’s the discussion thread? I thought it was great.

  3. 1. I don’t have Netflix.

    2. I am completely burn out on watching movies. I tried to get back into watching them this week, but I just couldn’t do it, even with movies I really enjoyed I found myself wishing I was doing something else, like playing video games or listening to music.

    Week 2 has a great DVD thought.

  4. Mitch says:

    The discussion thread is on the way. Sorry about the delay, guys. I recorded the podcast yesterday because that’s when my guest was available, and it’s edited and ready to go, but we’re setting up the actual podcast feed right now. It should be up soon.

  5. StaffordMcKinnon says:

    Man, that guest of yours sure was a real firecracker – I’d like to send HIM all my money and support his future artistic ventures! Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about Breathless! And so handsome, too! All around, a stand-up guy, with gorgeous blond locks and a gently carefree mustache, and…
    What the hell. I can’t do this.

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