marblesI think I overheard Metroid Other M is coming August and Golden Sun is in November. 3DS? No idea. Everything else; that all next year so no need to go on all about that. You fun folks did. Let’s listen in to all the happy things you said. See Hilden? Positivity! Elders will smile upon the game community you’ve cultivated!

Naw man, seriously I think nobody knocked this conference. Good news. Oh and thanks for saying what you’re talking about. Because I’m still fumbling in the dark over here. Fumbling.

11:26 mormonrage: DK is a done deal. What would be rad is if they had Steve Wiebe introduce it
11:26 TeamFremont: If Wiebe is here, press conference of show.
11:26 antonhritz: DGR will go bananas…
11:27 mormonrage: hell yeah. Then Billy Mitchell crashes the stage and it gets all lucha libre
11:27 antonhritz: and by that i mean they will buy banana flavored tabacco for the huka

12:03 TeamFremont: philosophy ass kicking in 3 2 1
12:03 philhaymes-1: nice!
12:03 philhaymes-1: nintendo already won
12:04 rockhstrongo: you can feel the nerdgasms

12:06 philhaymes-1: so Zelda out the gate, what else they have then… interesting

12:09 mormonrage: miyamoto making a STRONG argument against motion controls
12:09 mormonrage: that’s a bold move

12:12 QuVat: yeah, twilight princess and windwaker had a baby
12:12 TeamFremont: looks like the sheild mechanic is a key part this time
12:12 TeamFremont: and directional swinging
12:12 philhaymes-1: I’m down with that
12:12 TeamFremont: if it works
12:12 QuVat: not sure what is going to stop people from just waving the Wiimote like crazy

12:14 TeamFremont: bottom line, this will be fun
12:14 QuVat: I hope so

12:14 elewis17: My g/f will eat this up. She loved TP

12:15 TeamFremont: how long before wifi is banned at conf.
12:15 TeamFremont: first apple, now nint.
12:15 philhaymes-1: soon methinks

12:17 TeamFremont: whip is bad ass
12:17 TeamFremont: love it
12:17 mormonrage: do they plan to beat the game in front of us here?
12:17 philhaymes-1: nice!
12:17 philhaymes-1: whip is awesome
12:17 QuVat: looks like theres a dash meter, whip is pretty slick
12:17 TeamFremont: very cool
12:17 TeamFremont: very cool
12:18 philhaymes-1: now I just need to use the whip on Zelda and my fantasies… oh typing out loud again

12:18 TeamFremont: item system is a great fix
12:18 philhaymes-1: yeah loved the item system, much easier
12:18 QuVat: yeah the quick item select is cool
12:19 QuVat: release date?
12:19 rockhstrongo: next year?
12:19 rockhstrongo: boo
12:19 TeamFremont: release date is next year?
12:19 QuVat: ouch
12:19 TeamFremont: wow
12:19 TeamFremont: too bad
12:19 TeamFremont: bit of a fail on the opening
12:19 philhaymes-1: and yet still better than the entirety of the MS conference
12:20 QuVat: love the art style, and everything about it looks great. Just REALLY hope it works the way they want it to
12:20 mormonrage: yup, staggered–Reggie needs to come back swinging
12:20 rockhstrongo: yup, still the best so far
12:20 elewis17: I’m all over this like Oprah on a ham

12:20 rockhstrongo: here comes the casual junk

2:23 TeamFremont: honestly, could be fun
12:23 QuVat: absolutely
12:23 philhaymes-1: I can see that, not for me but I can see it being a laugh
12:23 mormonrage: it will be fun
12:23 QuVat: mario hoops 3 on 3 for the DS was great
12:23 mormonrage: but, man, that is decidedly unimaginative
12:23 philhaymes-1: again next year..

12:24 rockhstrongo: numbers time
12:25 rockhstrongo: they talked to moms.
12:25 elewis17: I can’t see how people play more Wii than any other system in the US

12:26 QuVat: yay wii party
12:26 mormonrage: “Wii Party–an all-new party game for Wii”
12:26 rockhstrongo: ugh
12:27 mormonrage: I love it when people define a term with the term

12:26 QuVat: yay wii party
12:26 mormonrage: “Wii Party–an all-new party game for Wii”
12:26 rockhstrongo: ugh
12:27 mormonrage: I love it when people define a term with the term
12:27 Dinkster: “released next year”?
12:27 philhaymes-1: it’s cool, they’re speaking with the dumb people

12:27 QuVat: Honestly the only reason I take out my Wii anymore is to play the occasional game of Mario Party with my family, this will be fun
12:27 mormonrage: I like how that clearly American family had a screen full of Kanji

12:29 rockhstrongo: golden sun you say?
12:29 TeamFremont: love golden sun
12:29 philhaymes-1: golden sun yeah
12:29 TeamFremont: glad it’s in here
12:29 AncientMecha: hell yes

12:30 rockhstrongo: Woah! The characters aren’t squaty in battle.
12:30 AncientMecha: you know, i wish they’d stuck with sprites
12:30 AncientMecha: that was part of golden sun’s charm for me
12:30 AncientMecha: the AWESOME hand drawn sprite work
12:30 philhaymes-1: looking awesome IMHO

12:31 elewis17: Looks like Phantom Hourglass and FF had a baby. I’m quite interested
12:31 QuVat: looks really good! and this holiday! yay!
12:31 AncientMecha: november confirmed?

12:31 AncientMecha: GOLDENEYE
12:31 QuVat: GOLDENEYE?
12:31 rockhstrongo: goldeneye

12:32 AncientMecha: OH
12:32 philhaymes-1: holy
12:32 AncientMecha: okay, im on board

12:32 AncientMecha: going back to goldeneye, its not terribly playable
12:32 philhaymes-1: well that’s a kick in the balls to MS
12:32 rockhstrongo: and it sucked

12:32 TeamFremont: friend codes
12:32 elewis17: Nintendo just gave me an erection.
12:32 philhaymes-1: still sold

12:33 AncientMecha: oh cool, epic mickey footage?
12:33 rockhstrongo: epic mickey?
12:33 philhaymes-1: disney
12:34 philhaymes-1: do not want

12:34 AncientMecha: the spector!
12:34 QuVat: ooooh warren specter
12:34 TeamFremont: this is going to be cool
12:34 TeamFremont: loved the concept screens
12:35 AncientMecha: “adam and I are here to show you my sweater vest”

12:35 AncientMecha: what the hell?
12:36 AncientMecha: wow, looks good
12:36 QuVat: wow, that looks pretty cool

12:36 QuVat: wow, that looks pretty cool
12:36 AncientMecha: the tiki tiki tiki tiki room?
12:36 AncientMecha: goddamn that looks sharp
12:36 AncientMecha: is that pointer jerkey?
12:36 TeamFremont: the disney nerd in me is loving this

12:37 AncientMecha: “mickey can use paint thinner to get wicked up, then pass out”
12:37 TeamFremont: i loved that kind of thing

12:38 QuVat: Warren specter is really selling me on this
12:38 QuVat: sounds really cool
12:38 AncientMecha: yeah, my jadedness is cutting through his charm a bit
12:38 TeamFremont: I’m in. This will make me play Wii again

12:39 mormonrage: cool core concept–unique, at least
12:39 AncientMecha: yeah
12:39 TeamFremont: nice! 2D
12:39 TeamFremont: 2d/3d
12:39 AncientMecha: niiiiiiice
12:39 rockhstrongo: 2.5D awesome
12:39 TeamFremont: love it. nice touch

12:40 philhaymes-1: if only this wasn’t Disney, kinda like the look of it but can’t stand Disney
12:40 AncientMecha: that cow looks great
12:40 AncientMecha: it makes me feel like a kid
12:40 elewis17: Missed the beginning of this, but it looks pretty cool. Is it voice acted or text?
12:40 philhaymes-1: if you love Disney I think this’ll be super cool though
12:40 AncientMecha: so hey, what games did i miss
12:40 TeamFremont: my kid and I are going to play the out of this

12:41 AncientMecha: goddamn reggie’s suit is CRISP
12:41 philhaymes-1: yeah it is
12:41 AncientMecha: thats a pimp ass suit
12:41 AncientMecha: oh man

12:42 TeamFremont: new kirby game?
12:42 rockhstrongo: awh snap kirby?
12:42 TeamFremont: wow
12:42 AncientMecha: GIVE ME A NEW KIRBY
12:42 TeamFremont: did this leak?
12:42 AncientMecha: dude, I just leaked
12:42 AncientMecha: I hope it’s like super star….
12:42 rockhstrongo: if this is a party game, i’m gonna be pissed

12:44 AncientMecha: KIRB MECH!!!!!
12:44 rockhstrongo: visually the most unique thing i’ve seen all e3
12:44 AncientMecha: yes
12:44 TeamFremont: very, very unique

12:47 AncientMecha: see, that amount of STUFF is actually off-putting in an RPG to me
12:47 rockhstrongo: my gf is gonna
12:47 philhaymes-1: Metroid
12:47 AncientMecha: unless it’s got a REALLY sharp battle system

12:47 AncientMecha: Metroid BONER M
12:47 philhaymes-1: WANT
12:47 philhaymes-1: I have a chubby
12:47 AncientMecha: this music always gives me chills

12:48 QuVat: interesting how many different types of gameplay they’ve already shown for this
12:48 AncientMecha: taking some cues from Shadow Complex, it feels like
12:48 deadward: now we’re talking, that looks badass
12:48 TeamFremont: yeah. an interesting hybrid different metroid games

ncientMecha: Im kinda not looking forward to the Team Ninja cutscenes
12:49 QuVat: wow august? that was fast

12:49 TeamFremont: DK
12:49 deadward: hooray retro!
12:49 philhaymes-1: DK country
12:49 QuVat: Donkey kong
12:49 AncientMecha: oh man
12:49 philhaymes-1: OH
12:49 QuVat: WOOP!
12:50 philhaymes-1: my chubby just blew
12:50 AncientMecha: like a good mix of DKC and jungle beat
12:50 philhaymes-1: agreed

12:51 deadward: we are living in bizarro world… MS and Sony will be showing a bunch of casual BS and Nintendo has all games that you want to play
12:51 AncientMecha: HAH
12:51 rockhstrongo: deadward is right BIZARRO
12:51 AncientMecha: BIZARRO!

12:52 QuVat: yay 3ds
12:52 AncientMecha: SHOW ME THE HARDWARE
12:52 rockhstrongo: six screens!
12:52 AncientMecha: I NEED TO BUST THIS NUT
12:52 deadward: what does it look like godammit

12:54 AncientMecha: SPLOOOOOOOOGE
12:55 philhaymes-1: other sock is sticky now
12:55 TeamFremont: ladies and gentleman, this prints money
12:55 TeamFremont: again

12:55 TeamFremont: analog stick.
12:55 TeamFremont: see it?
12:55 rockhstrongo: analog?!?!
12:55 AncientMecha: YES!
12:55 frozenlava: oh

12:56 AncientMecha: Hey guys, no camera
12:56 QuVat: hmmm weird

12:58 AncientMecha: slide pad? so its like the psp?

12:59 QuVat: 3D picutres? Not sure if I get it but cool
12:59 elewis17: 3D SEXting? I’m sold
1:00 philhaymes-1: 3D movies!
1:00 AncientMecha: HAH
1:00 rockhstrongo: haha 3d sexting
1:00 AncientMecha: avatar in 320*240
1:00 AncientMecha: james cameron weeps slowly on his pile of money
1:00 QuVat: LOL

1:01 rockhstrongo: it sure as hell isn’t widescreen
1:01 philhaymes-1: yes it is
1:01 AncientMecha: technically it is
1:01 philhaymes-1: top screen is
1:01 AncientMecha: it’s a 16:10 ratio

1:01 TeamFremont: kid icarus.
1:01 TeamFremont: no
1:01 AncientMecha: KID ICARUS
1:01 philhaymes-1: nice!
1:01 QuVat: YAY!

1:02 AncientMecha: ninteno, you win this year!

1:02 QuVat: “sorry to keep you waiting”
1:02 frozenlava: is that justin beiber?
1:02 QuVat: love the music too
1:02 AncientMecha: it better not be

1:02 AncientMecha: music is great
1:02 philhaymes-1: guitar solo, AM SOLD
1:02 deadward: Panzer dragoon : Icarus

1:03 AncientMecha: and its a LAUNCH title?
1:03 QuVat: graphics look REALLY sweet

1:05 elewis17: Wonder what the 3DS cart price point will be
1:05 QuVat: the 3Ds looks cool but the presentation is pretty abstract

1:14 AncientMecha: loved that music just now

1:14 mormonrage: ok now, this is just weird
1:15 AncientMecha: puppy

1:16 TeamFremont: oh man. oprah moment?
1:16 AncientMecha: another one?!
1:16 QuVat: ?!?!
1:16 deadward: the jacket is off… it’s on now!
1:16 TeamFremont: michael jackons is back?

1:18 mormonrage: these were aLL ABOUT GAMES today
1:18 philhaymes-1: no release dates though…
1:18 AncientMecha: they really now how to make this happen
1:19 rockhstrongo: i’m impressed with what nintendo showed today
1:19 QuVat: erally great press conference

1:53 philhaymes: apparently they announced Star Fox on 3DS in the Iwata QnA

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7 Responses to E3: Namedrops 2010! (Nintendo’s Chat Reactions)

  1. PhilthBot69 says:

    12:50 philhaymes-1: my chubby just blew
    12:55 philhaymes-1: other sock is sticky now

    I think that sums it up for me

  2. John says:

    I said this in the other entry, but Nintendo really nailed this. Tons of fan service, announcements, and surprises all while managing to make it a practical E3 conference. See guys? It can be done! These things CAN be for people other than (and including) Wal-Mart buyers and Red Book Magazine editors. It can also be done without coming off as smug, hype-peddling douche bags. Nicely done.

  3. ilduce620 says:

    Soooooo pleased with this press conference. Perhaps it’s just residual disappointment from previous Nintendo E3 showings, but this one really hit it out of the park. Unlike Microsoft, they focused on a lot of games, and most importantly, games that a wide variety of people care about. Sure, Wii Play isn’t going to excite the proverbial “hardcore,” but it’ll sell more units this Christmas (especially if they have some bundles). Metroid, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Golden Sun, Dragon Quest…those titles were almost enough to excite even the most jaded fan, but the 3DS hardware really seemed to blow people away. I have a DS Lite and the DSi and the DSi XL didn’t do much for me, but what I saw of the 3DS makes me want one all kinds of bad. I look forward to hearing more hands-on impressions of it throughout the week.

    I watched Sony’s too (perhaps we’ll get another post about that here?), and while they did pretty well, even with the Portal 2 announcement, I think Nintendo still had the best conference.

  4. I didn’t see the actual showing, but from looking at the games they announced and showed it looks like Nintendo was by far the best out of the 3.

  5. deadward says:

    Nintendo totally killed it. Maybe it’s because they don’t pimp shit for 3 years the way MS and Sony do, but they showed basically all interesting things we hadn’t seen before.
    The 3DS really took me by surprise, I wasn’t expecting to get that hype on it, but my frothing demand for this device is truly increasing.

  6. Zinswin says:

    I’m still looking forward to the Nintendo peripheral I can stick on my dick.

  7. tribrix says:

    Sounds great, the only problem with that peripheral is that it won’t get any support (do Nintendo peripherals ever get support?)

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