Butterfly (Oases Egypt)If E3 had a mascot it would be Gran Turismo.  I can’t say how many years E3 has been around, but let’s just say E3 has been around 25 years. I am confident 19 out of 25 years, some sort of Gran Turismo has been in development. Anyway, all you’re supposed to know something is happening with playing a bunch of Sly Cooper games; and Valve, there’s that. People still don’t have much faith in Socom Anal Bead. Personally, I’m looking toward Move for somebody to try something competitive with motion controls. I am probably the only person secretly wishing this.
Oh yeah, no PSP2.

3:08 mormonrage: I think shooters suck as demos
3:08 mormonrage: I’m so sick of seeing guns blowing & up for five minutes in these things

3:13 frozenlava: oh god
3:14 frozenlava: sly in 3d
3:14 frozenlava: big name!
3:14 rockhstrongo: i was just going to say gt5 3d

3:14 mormonrage: slycollection–hell yeah

3:17 rockhstrongo: i swear they’ve been showing eye pet the past e3s
3:17 rockhstrongo: past 3 that is
3:17 frozenlava: that second base was way off
3:18 mormonrage: I got the EU version of EyePet last year–it’s really neat
3:19 mormonrage: but Move will help it a TON

3:26 rockhstrongo: no way psp2 will be here. we knew about psp go waaay in advance last year.
3:26 DJIncompetent: prolly not. They need time to copy 3DS
3:26 rockhstrongo: haha

3:26 rockhstrongo: haha
3:28 mormonrage: this is kinda cool
3:29 mormonrage: where’s the wireless interference?
3:29 rockhstrongo: i was wondering the same thing
3:29 frozenlava: lol

3:33 mormonrage: this should be good–the Wii version with MotionPlus last year was great
3:33 frozenlava: you mean you don’t wanna kill trolls for 12 hours?
3:33 rockhstrongo: he’s not using the strap!!!

3:35 TeamFremont: my daughter: “wow. he’s not doing very good”
3:36 rockhstrongo: are they using an applause track?
3:36 frozenlava: too much power bro
3:36 mormonrage: it’s in the game

3:40 rockhstrongo: not so sure about heroes on the move

3:41 TeamFremont: so…ad campaigns?
3:41 mormonrage: butler!
3:41 rockhstrongo:
3:41 deadward: this guy

3:44 TeamFremont: this. is. lame.

3:46 TeamFremont: THAT
3:46 TeamFremont: ; EPIC
3:46 TeamFremont: seriously
3:46 deadward: it’s like getting excited if that stupid redhead or a gecko came on stage
3:46 TeamFremont: hate it

3:47 frozenlava: releases in europe before us and japan?!
3:48 TeamFremont: pretty smart
3:48 frozenlava: NA and japan*

3:49 mormonrage: heavy rain with move could be cool

3:52 deadward: playing something like socom orkillzone standing up like that soundslike the worst idea ever
3:52 frozenlava: i just switched back to WC into a conversation about the north korean supporters being paid actors from china
3:52 frozenlava: playing almost any game standing up sounds like the worst idea ever
3:53 mormonrage: I play a lot of Wii games standing up
3:53 deadward: exactly
3:53 mormonrage: just feels better for some

3:54 deadward: 8-10 hours of lobbingfake hand grenades… I’ll pass.

3:55 rockhstrongo: ugh. marcus.
3:55 frozenlava: that was terrible
3:55 frozenlava: who saw the fake MGS jumping around
3:55 TeamFremont: why the hell are they showing so many ad campaigns?
3:55 TeamFremont: sheesh
3:55 TeamFremont: enough
3:55 rockhstrongo: oh, i saw it.
3:56 TeamFremont: i can do this on my iphone without a new periperal for a handheld I rarely use

4:00 deadward: parasite eve is looking good

4:01 deadward: oooooh Valkyria
4:01 deadward: might need to chack if my PSP still works
4:01 mormonrage: VC2 will be great

4:02 rockhstrongo: oh boy. tester season 2.

4:04 deadward: i find myself wishinng they’scut to a re-run of the nintendo conference
4:04 deadward: why is typing so hard?

4:05 mormonrage: LBP2 has ful support of my boner

4:06 deadward: some of the new stuff looks really neat, but we’ve pretty much seen this already
4:01 mormonrage: I’m ready for more Valkyria

4:12 TeamFremont: intersting. go after the competition for a $50 price tag that you’re just about to announce? Really?
4:13 deadward: hmmm stop subscribing, lose your games
4:13 TeamFremont: it’s hard to back the last place hourse with extra cash
4:13 TeamFremont: that would be horse
4:16 deadward: whoa… even the devlopers have those hardcore beards
4:18 rockhstrongo: i hope they’re not kidding about the unlockable beards
4:18 deadward: that’s worth grinding for
4:20 deadward: after 50 hours or so of badcompany 2, I’mnot sure I’m ready for this yet
4:20 mormonrage: shooting. showme last guardian

4:25 rockhstrongo: oh
4:25 rockhstrongo: valve on ps3?
4:26 deadward: how’s that crow taste Gabe?
4:27 frozenlava: does move make a portal on my living room floor so i can jump into the game?
4:29 deadward: that’s a check in the PS3 win column
4:30 rockhstrongo: that’s a big check in Gabe’s bank account.

4:39 mormonrage: dude–the test track from top gear in gt5.yes
4:40 mormonrage: A DATE
4:40 mormonrage: GODDAMN
4:41 AlohaBurger: That’s so sad. GT5 hits a full year after Forza 3.
4:42 TeamFremont: agreed

4:42 TeamFremont: twisted metal?
4:45 elewis17: Just tuned in. Twisted Metal was awesome when I was just a pup!
4:46 TeamFremont: still love this game

4:52 TeamFremont: some good stuff, some not good. par for the course  this year.

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8 Responses to E3: Bathroom Break 2010! (Sony’s Chat Reactions)

  1. John says:

    Bummed I couldn’t participate in the chat for this one. I was at work. Chat rooms no worky at work.

    Anyway, overall, I thought Sony’s conference was good. Unlike Microsoft, they showed games I want to play. And in the motion control department, while I still think it’s completely unnecessary and a total “let’s catch up to the Wii” move, there were at least a couple titles that looked like they could be interesting (Mascot Mashup 2010, or whatever it’s called. Actually, considering how uncreative these guys are, it’s probably going to be called “Super Smash Guys: Fight”). But I digress…

    I was disappointed not to see The Last Guardian, and I couldn’t give a shit about the PSP stuff they showed. While I was somewhat surprised not to see the PSP2, I can understand the logic of waiting until Nintendo unveiled the 3DS…so Sony can rip it off next year and say, “Look how brilliant we are!” 😉

    So in short, I will say Sony’s was not as “BAM! POW!” as Nintendo’s, but not nearly as “blarg…fart…burp…” as Microsoft’s. Nicely done.

  2. ilduce620 says:

    Agreed, John. I’d put it in the middle between Microsoft and Nintendo.

    I think Sony did a decent job positioning the Move to appeal to those that want that experience, but as relatively unnecessary to people that don’t want it. If you want to play SOCOM with Move, go for it – if you don’t, use a controller. Same goes for the 3D. At least, from what I gathered, Sony was trying to offer new things while not segmenting their market.

    I will also point out that Kevin Butler made that show infinitely more enjoyable to watch.

    Finally, Sony could have done more in a few departments. PlayStation Plus could have had a few more features announced for the price. They could have announced a PSPgo price drop (that would have brought down the house, I’d imagine…). A deal with Hulu, or details on the Dreamcast games for PSN, etc. Any of these would have been nice to have, but I’m not too pissed they weren’t there.

    All in all, in this crazy alternate universe, Nintendo focused on the hardcore, Microsoft focused on the casual market, and Sony stayed somewhere in the middle. I’m satisfied with that.

  3. ilduce620 says:

    Damn, I just remembered Portal 2 on PS3. That whole thing was pretty badass, too. And getting Gabe Newell there, no less…that was a pretty sweet “megaton,” so to speak.

  4. The PSP commercials they showed were weird. They’re going after the iPhone? Has Sony just given up on going after the DS?

    And speaking of iPhone…. Secret of Mana? Really, Square? That is where you’re putting this game? Who the fuck runs your company and have they ever heard of the DS and PSP?

  5. Ian (DJI) says:

    I know! They remade the fuckin’ Simpsons game beatemup up for iPhone too. Designed for 1 player.

    Too many people who do not play videogames are calling big development shots, man. Nobody except frikkin’ Seth Killian knows why people like a game. I don’t get it, dude.

  6. carrotpanic says:

    Yeah, the last game in the Mana series sold a shit-ton on DS. Wait, no, it was a terrible flop.

  7. Maybe because it got poor reviews?

  8. cube says:

    It was also a terrible game. I got it as a gift, was going “WHEE MANA”, then I started playing. 5 minutes later, I took it out, put in something else, and never tried it again.

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