For those of you who missed the live show or couldn’t tell what anything looked at due to faulty camera work, I just happened to take some pictures that evening and thought I might show off the hotness in a better light.  Enjoy!

Studio 11
John and Hilden work their magic

Stduio 12
Then there’s Moe

Studio 13
John crushing yet another can

Studio 14
Moe and Tiny on the CamTwist (Ok he’s not that Tiny anymore)

Studio 16a
“Token Girl take off your pants…and stuff”

Studio 17
Best Poster EVA!!!

Studio 18
Next to these babys of course!

Studio 20
Yes you’re all NUMBER ONE  in our hearts too! :)

9 Responses to DGR Studio

  1. ilduce620 says:

    Nice studio, boys. What kind of electronic drum set is that? I’ve been looking into purchasing a relatively inexpensive one…just wondering what you’ve got there and what you think of it.

  2. Upstarts should pay attention to these pictures. A mic and a computer just don’t cut it. You need to invest in what is pretty much a radio studio.

  3. Moe says:

    @ilduce620 Those are V-Drums by Roland. I think the model is TD-3, or something of that nature. I like them for how they’re used, which is me learning how to play the drums. John recorded on the V-Drum Lite set for the ZomBOOsical!, which he thought was unresponsive at times, especially in the cymbals. It is certainly no substitute for the real thing, however, for playing in an apartment or just working through grooves without blowing out the windows, it works pretty well. This set is probably somewhere around $900-$1000 or so. The Lite set is around $800. Just depends on what you like, I guess.

  4. fluffy_nuts says:

    awesome looking set up guys

  5. ilduce620 says:

    Thanks, Moe. I’ve been looking at getting one, but was considering a cheaper (and less good…) Alesis set. I’ve never owned an electronic set, but considering that I have a 3-month-old, an acoustic one probably won’t do. I’ve noticed Alesis has a relatively new set of cymbals, called Surge, that look and play like real cymbals, but apparently have electronic triggers inside of them, theoretically allowing for more realistic cymbal action. Never tried them, though!

  6. ELewis17 says:

    The studio kicks ass guys!

  7. John says:

    @ilduce: The Roland set that I used for the ZomBOOsical! worked pretty well. I especially loved the snare. But the way I play, I tend to manipulate the hi-hat a lot and for that the Roland doesn’t work very well for me, as it’s basically “on” or “off” with no subtlety in between. I suspect that’s the way most/all electronic hi-hats are, but I’d never played one before so I had to adjust for it a bit.

    But if you’re looking for a decent kit, it’s hard not to recommend that V-Drum Lite set as a relatively inexpensive alternative. I think Moe found it used for around $500.

  8. ilduce620 says:

    Thanks, John. I was hoping to spend between $500 and $700, as I don’t really intend on using the thing for studio recording or performances: just to beat on something and make some noise. :-) I’m all about the V-Drums and have played on them before – I very much enjoy the mesh heads they have. Again, the cymbals are always the worst part for me on electronic sets, so while I can get used to rubberized pads for fake drums, using them for cymbals blows considerably.

    I’ll check it out! Thanks for the advice, gentlemen!

  9. Moe says:

    @ilduce620 You should go try out one of those V-Drum Lite sets and if you like it… you should let me know. I might be able to arrange for one that was gently loved by a zombie hoarde to arrive at your doorstep for less than your range.

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