I know we really should stay away from politics on this site, as it never ends well. But I consider this to be less about politics and more a “people watching” exercise.

I think Michelle Bachmann is nuts and despite your views politically, you have to admit she’s said some REALLY fucked up shit over the last few years. Give this girl a spotlight long enough and she’ll tell you the spotlight is made up of the tears of angels and children with utmost sincerity.

This gift of hers has made her the target of a lot of folks and given her Democratic rivals a whole heap of ammunition to use against her. Her latest Democratic challenger, Tarryl Clark has created the site Michelle Bachmann Said WHAT? that pokes fun at the Minnesota’s “favorite” Tea Party idol. The site’s pretty damn funny and even has a soundboard. Always good for a laugh.

What’s even more hilarious is how someone can say all this stuff and STILL manage to win every time she’s up for election. I’m betting even money she’ll be right where she is when this election is over as well. Granted, this site’s purely political in nature, but it’s humorously done and at this point, what’s left?

Make no mistake, this girl’s nuts. And what’s more amusing than that? Eh? Here’s one to tide you over:

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9 Responses to Michelle Bachmann Said WHAT?!?

  1. tribrix says:

    People like her turn people like me against Republicans and Tea Partiers. Years ago, I’d never have supported a Democrat, but now . . .

  2. Hilden says:

    Yeah. I hear you. I just find her pretty damn amusing. I don’t even get mad at the thought of her because her mouth makes her pretty ineffective in getting anything done. Most people avoid her because her stupidity when it comes to saying shit just makes her a land mine of bad press.

    She’s always good for a laugh, however.

  3. tribrix says:

    You most people are going to realize she’s a nut loon and get a laugh, but the thing that gets under my skin is that some people take her seriously and rally behind this kind of anti-thought rhetoric. I just have a burning need to be a counter weight to that. Nothing more.

    At the same time, she is always good for a laugh. I wonder how those notions are even able to survive in a human brain. Maybe she’s an alien infiltrator.

  4. Hilden says:

    “I just have a burning need to be a counter weight to that. Nothing more.”

    With you 100% on that one, man.

  5. Ryker XL says:

    I love the visual approach to the site, it’s very “Mars Attacks” and it strikes to the very scary realities of hate speech. You can flame me if you want, but I’m a pretty conservative guy. I’d love to see less government in my life and while I applaud the intent of the tea party movement, nonesense like the above statement just makes me cringe. Heck, even the king of conservative talk radio Rush Limbaugh is pretty much unlistenable these days. “This oil slick is no big deal, the ocean can absorb it.” ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?

  6. John says:

    That’s the thing, man: there’s no problem with being “conservative”. It’s being “sane” and “rational” that’s important. 😉

    Oh, and check your email.

  7. Ryker XL says:

    Well said sir, and I got it!

  8. I hope she has a long career in the House. I really do. Her sound bites are by far the best ever.

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