Okay, not without some hiccups, but the Complete Shmopera is available now!

First off, for those of you who experienced a wrong redirect, please email us at mailbag@drunkengamersradio.com if you haven’t already. We’ll send you the correct link to the Shmopera.

Second, thanks to all those of you who alerted us to a certain lack of security that could easily have been handled if I wasn’t such a shit ass “webmaster”. You are all fucking awesome. Seriously. You fucking rule.

Third, for those of you thinking about a purchase, here’s what you’ll get:

-All three years of the Shmopera, fully remixed and remastered.
-A special After Hours episode where we discuss the Shmopera.
-A set of three wallpapers of The Captain, Spacebot and Meat Cleaver.
-A short video look at us making the Shmopera Level 3. Mostly, you can see me make a total fool of myself.
-Three demo tracks that show works in progress of some Level 3 songs.
-A track of unreleased demos that didn’t make it into the Shmopera with some commentary by Hilden.
-Lyric Sheet of all the Shmopera songs. For sing-a-longs, mostly.

The cost for all this is a mere $10.00 donation to DGR. Hit the banner up at the top of main page to start the process. Be sure to check out the preview tracks as well.

As always, thanks for listening and we appreciate your purchase of The Complete Shmopera!

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12 Responses to The Complete Shmopera: Available Now!

  1. MeatMan says:

    Wow, there is more than 3 hours of performances included and you’re only asking for $10. It’s easily worth twice that much, or more. Just think of how much more booze you could buy by charging $20! 😉

    By the way, cool wallpapers too. I’m using the spacebot one.

  2. Hilden says:

    We strongly believe in the “buy without thinking” price of $10.00. 😉

  3. carrotpanic says:

    Cheers boys!

  4. awesomo316 says:

    The video was the first thing I’ve watched since I’ve never seen you guys in person before. Hilden singing “The Captain is goooooooooone” is a highlight. Fine work guys – I also feel like I’m ripping you guys off. I also bought the Zomboosical when it launched and still listen to that to this day. I’ve only been listening for 12 months so can’t wait to hear the first level of the Shmopera. Thanks again guys

  5. PhilthBot69 says:

    I really want to soil (I mean play in) that new studio @ Moe’s place. Oh and Hilden, that art of your brothers is fucking awesome!

  6. RPT says:

    Just finished listening and it was bloody fantastic. Well done guys.

    Couple of minor points though. For first track in Level 2 (Welcome to level 2) the audio level was really low, practically inaudible even though I had my sound system cranked. Track 6 in level 3 (Reborn) cuts off rather abruptly, is that normal? It sounds like it’s been cut short.

  7. Hilden says:

    @RPT: Yeah, the Reborn transition into Feel It was intended to get cut off as a tribute to Zeppelin. They would abruptly kill tracks midway through like that and then slam into something kick ass.

    Not sure what happened to the Level 2 intro track. Must have missed something there. It’s a quiet track to begin with, however. Just a dude driving in his car fucking with the radio. I’ll check it out and post a fix track if it bothers people.

  8. RPT says:

    That’s cool I guess the cut away transition did it’s job then cause it certainly got my attention.

    For the level 2 track just boosted the volume myself anyway.

  9. awesomo316 says:

    Would have loved walking past the house of the studio while hearing John scream BURN MOTHEFUCKER BURN. I can even hear Hilden laugh in the background when John sings about cashmere undies.

  10. phneri says:

    I would also like to soil the new studio

    …I don’t mean play an instrument in it.

    The Shmopera is concentrated awesome. If you do not own it your life is a meaningless, empty shell. Fortunately you can correct this for $10. Do so. NOW.

  11. cymru_lp says:

    just downloaded it, good work guys it sounds great.

    Wallpapers look amazing too.

  12. ELewis17 says:

    Awesome job guys! It sounds phenomenal @ 320kbps.

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