DuckTales was practically the perfect cartoon. It took well-known, beloved characters and placed them into a world that was oftentimes as thrilling as an Indiana Jones adventure. The dialog was smart, the villains were diabolical, and the tales were almost always entertaining from start to finish.

When their Uncle Donald goes off to join the marines, Huey, Dewey, and Louie are stuck living with their cranky old Uncle Scrooge in his lavish mansion. Instead of being thrilled to live among the rich and famous, the three ducklings are stuck in an attic room, watched over by an uppity butler. Slowly, over the first few episodes, Scrooge and his nephews grow fond of eachother and eventually they’re constant companions, off traveling the world and constantly saving Scrooge’s fortune from nefarious evildoers.

As solid as the main characters are, the supporting cast is great as well. Each week, Scrooge McDuck and his nephews are joined by Launchpad McQuack, Scrooge’s bumbling pilot, Gyro Gearloose, the wacky inventor, the nanny Mrs. Beakley and her grandaughter Webigail, along with a recurring cast of baddies. Magica De Spell, the Beagle Boys, and Flintheart Glomgold are the ones that appear most often.

I’m happy to report that DuckTales holds up beautifully these days and is still a near-perfect cartoon for any little adventurers-in-training you may have clomping around your house. In fact, DuckTales is the first television show that really hooked my son. Before he could speak, he would say “WooHoo!” (like in the theme song) to indicate that he wanted to watch DuckTales. And to this day, we still break out the DVD sets. Speaking of which, you can find them here:

DuckTales – Volume 1
DuckTales – Volume 2
DuckTales – Volume 3

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4 Responses to Classic Cartoons: DuckTales

  1. fluffy_nuts says:

    Duck tales was awesome, Scrooge is still one of my favorite charactors, and was always good when Donald made a cameo

  2. Wolf-Bot says:

    I loved Duck tales and think back to it with fond memory’s. I think I was 5 when this came out.

    I had great weekend mornings filled with all sorts of cartoons. I don’t know if everyone will remember all of these, Jayce and the wheeled warriors , MASK, Gummi Bears, Visionaries, Defenders of the earth, Pole position, C.O.P.S, Centurions, Silvercats, The mysterious cities of gold, Danger mouse, Trapdoor, Count Duckula and loads more. Ah, good times.

  3. damo says:

    oh hell yeah, Duck Tales. I have so many memories of coming home from school as fast as I could, since I was a “walker”, so I wouldn’t miss any Duck Tales (and I’d eat a big bowl of cereal while watching it!). This is probably my number one favorite cartoon from my childhood days. It had so many great characters – Scrooge of course, Launchpad, Gizmo Duck, the duck who was always really lucky, Donald’s cameos (so true fluffy!), and many others. Next to Darkwing Duck, I don’t think I’ve watched as many episodes of any cartoon as this one. Animaniacs comes close.

  4. Rage Goblin says:

    I didn’t know this was on DVD, though I suppose I should’ve assumed. What a great show.

    Also a great NES game.

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