Over at Shmupmonth.com things are in full swing! MC Wilson and DJ Incompentent have put out the first of a weekly podcast dedicated to all kinds of shmup greatness. If you’re looking for some ideas on what to play or just need some SCIENCE! to help you play better, then the Weekly Shmupdate is the place for you!

Here’s a run down of what you’ll find on this week’s episode!

M.C. Wilson and DJ Incompetent present this first episode of the Weekly Shmupdate, a podcast that examines all that’s worthy of Shmuppreciating during Intergalactic Shmuppreciation Month. This episode features some great basic information on shmups presented by both the Couch Bandits and DJ Incompetent, as well as the first 2010 Shmup Month Contest entry. Good luck to all participants!

Add it to your list of podcasts today by going here:

Weekly Shmupdate: Week One

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2 Responses to Weekly Shmupdate 2010: Week 1

  1. A few days ago I was walking around a local thrift store hoping to find a gaming gem for cheap (I found MGS there for $3 2 weeks earlier.) I saw the usual stack of PS1 games with missing booklets and small pile of SNES sports games. I was about to leave when I looked down and saw it… an SNES game that wasn’t there in my earlier trips. I pick up the nice blue NES case it was in and look at the top of the label and read “UN Squadron,” I start looking for a price tag on it… $3.99! I know the SNES isn’t the shooter heaven that the TG-16, Genesis or Saturn are, but I heard a few good things about it and it’s Capcom so how could I go wrong?

  2. carrotpanic says:

    UN Squadron is a lot of fun. I really enjoy the Capcom art style and cheesy characters. Plus, it’s not often you see customizable upgrades in a shmup.

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