This episode was recorded at the 2010 Midwest Gaming Classic! A little different format this week as we have two interviews that we recorded at MGC. We also talk to a couple of very special guests about our time at the convention.

A quick note that the Shmopera will conclude next week.

Thanks for listening!

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00:00-Show Intro
02:48-MGC Discussion
12:53-Keith Hladik & Pat Dolan Interview (High Voltage Software/Tournament of Legends-Wii)
22:30-MGC Discussion II
29:11-Cinematic Bazaar Interview (Bio Force Ape-NES)
40:06-Show Close

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DGR: 03.28.2010


11 Responses to Drunken Gamers Radio: 03.28.2010

  1. Ryker XL says:

    Sounds like they should have named it the MFNC (Midwest Fluffy Nuts Convention). Perhaps next year I won’t have a 14 year old to look after and I can join in the shenanigans. :)

  2. John says:

    You should have brought him along, Ryker. MGC is a pretty family-friendly event.

  3. Ryker XL says:

    @John, Oh I am sure the event floor would have been great!

    It’s all of the explaining I would have to do about…”Why does Hilden look Green today or what’s a Happy Ending on a massage” I wasn’t really ready for yet.

    Although, he has seen “Black Dynamite” twice now so he’s almost ready for the shenanigans of MGC. :)

  4. fluffy_nuts says:

    @Ryker we could take him out with us, put hair on his chest and make him a man

  5. Ryker XL says:

    I could just see it… “Here Tiny, have a YagBomb…..”

  6. fluffy_nuts says:

    @ryker I bet you cant wait for the day you can say that :)

  7. awesomo316 says:

    Great interviews – the High Voltage one was pretty interesting.

    I gotta get to MGC one of these days

  8. Hilden said something along the lines of “When was the last time you could buy a new NES game?” and I have to say: about a month ago when Battle Kid was released. :)

    Great episode. I loved the interviews.

  9. John says:

    And wouldn’t you know it: we talked about Battle Kid on a podcast just a couple weeks ago. That guy doesn’t pay attention.

  10. sabin says:

    Oh man, I can hear the endless deaths in Mushihime-sama Futari that me and someone else were having in the background of the first segment.

  11. Tondog says:

    Hey sabin, that would be me!

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