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We’re proud to bring you the latest Episode of the Shmopera this week! We and our friends have been working hard to bring you the most hard rocking and authentically musical Shmopera we’ve ever created! Unfortunately, by presenting this music first in a podcast format, certain drawbacks become apparent. Namely, the smaller files sizes demanded by podcasting means any music suffers in both quality and in stereo vs. mono. And this particular Shmopera set is going to get it in the ass in terms of quality and presentation, I’m afraid.

But fear not, friends! We’re going to be offering the ENTIRE Shmopera series in much the same way as we did the ZomBOOsical! in 2009. For a $10.00 donation, you will be receiving the following:

1. ALL Acts of the Shmopera that we have recorded over the last three years. All of these tracks have been remixed and remastered in order to make them the best our meagre skills can. The Complete Shmopera, at long last, in kick ass HI-FI! The way it was meant to be heard!

2. A special After Hours episode featuring the Drunken Gamers talking about the creation of the Shmopera from the start of it three years ago until now.

3. A behind the scenes video taking a look at the Drunken Gamers and Friends as they create Act III of the Shmopera in all it’s awful glory.

4. A custom piece of Shmopera artwork in wallpaper format featuring a yet to be revealed character from Act III of the Shmopera.

The Complete Shmopera is planned to be made available Late March/Early April. Stay tuned to this site for more updates on the Shmopera, including preview tracks of the songs in high quality format. As always, thanks for listening and your continued support of Drunken Gamers Radio!


00:00-Show Intro
09:38-Drunk Dials
35:18-Mega Man 10 Review (WiiWare)
41:20-Retro Review: Star Solider (NES)
44:44-Interview with Nathan Fouts-Mommy’s Best Games
1:04:43-Shmopera Episode III-Act I
1:18:02-Five Things
1:29:25-The Last Shot
1:32:15-Show Close

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DGR: 03.07.2010

17 Responses to Drunken Gamers Radio: 03.07.2010

  1. Aleanil says:

    This is truly happy news! I can’t wait to hear this REMIXED and REMASTERED version of Act II, and the as-yet-unheard by me Act I. Fantastic! (I’ma gonna go blow up some Bydo to celebrate now.)

  2. Delerat says:

    Great show guys! Love what I’ve heard of Act 3 thus far, and the prologue hits home about how arcades(what’s left of them) have just filled up with cranes and DDR machines. Also interested in hearing what Hilden thinks of Heavy Rain. I forced myself to play it in one sitting like a movie and it was amazing.

    Shamefully haven’t played any shmups yet, due to the amazing releases we’ve been having. I didn’t even realize it was already March again until I heard the Shmopera.

  3. Ryker XL says:

    Gotta love Shmopera meets “The Last StarFighter” An awesome movie by the way! I think I heard some Elton John and The Who (before the destroyed their legacy at the Superbowl) in the second section. Great work as always.

    I have tried to pick up some Schmups this last week and I had promised to buy Ikaruga, but I can’t even get passed the opening level in the demo. Yes, I suck! Any suggestions on Indi Schmpus (beyond Shoot1up) that us Schmup noobs can enjoy (and even if we suck it won’t kill our wallet).

  4. skeletonframes says:

    2 weeks in a row you guys have had awesome interviews. Well done. I don’t know if you’re just easy to talk to (not likely) or just know how to pick great interviewees (also, not likely) but, whatever you’re doing, its working.

    I thought he was such a cool guy that I went and downloaded Shoot 1 Up, even though I don’t really play Schmups. I would have bought it if it were $5.

  5. awesomo316 says:

    Great show – Happy Birthday to Hilden

    Can’t wait to hear more of the Shmopera

  6. Apoch says:

    Great start to Shmup month guys! The opening for Act 3 gave me visions of the deserted cabinetes in Flynn’s old arcade in the new Tron Legacy trailer so of course I had to watch Tron today. And after reading Ryker’s comment I totally want to throw my DVD of The Last Starfighter in the PS3. Can’t wait for next weeks follow up.

    Also, I will never think the same about sweet whispers AGAiN!!! Classic John, Moe and Hilden!!

    Happy Birthday Hilden and can’t wait to catch up with at least 2/3 of the DGR crew at MGC.

  7. Wolf-Bot says:

    I got Shoot1up and Love it.

    The last star fighter is great.

    Happy birthday Hilden.

    End Transmission.

  8. Ryker XL says:

    Ok so Shhot1up is fantastic. For those of us who are Schmuply challenged, it’s a GREAT game! I got to level 3 before completely buying the farm ! I also tried the Beat Mania Asteroids clone and that kicked major ass! Thanks DJ

  9. SinfoniaSam says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the mention!

    Great show as normal. After hearing the interview I went and picked up Shoot1up and it’s AMAZING! I’m astounded that it’s only a dollar, it’s such a well rounded game.

    Anyway, happy shmup month!

  10. John says:

    My god…this is getting out of hand.

  11. BenFromOhio says:

    Is REALLY Chobots blog link>?????

  12. BenFromOhio says:

    Fuck that!!!!
    She stole that!!!

  13. TheycallmeSpence says:

    She goes to far! Hilden your lady love is going down.

  14. John says:

    How easily they are deceived…

  15. sabin says:

    Hey guys, I have a lot of trouble making out the lyrics to the shmopera. Would you consider posting the lyrics to the site or the comments section? Or maybe some kind user who has no trouble making them out could do the same?

  16. John says:

    Moe’s working on a lyric sheet. It’ll be available in the download.

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