I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. And I did this for you, dear readers. While waiting to pay for my comics at the local comic book shop, I decided to grab a little something to drink. And in the impulse-buy cooler located conveniently next to the check-out counter, I spotted these two little beauties:

How could I resist the temptation?

So I coughed up the two bucks each, threw the drinks in my bag, brought them home and chugged them down. And now my heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest. And it’s no wonder, look at the color of this shit:

For those wondering, it’s hard to say which one tasted better…or worse. Both the Megaman E-Tank and the Pac-Man Bonus Fruit Energy Drink tasted like some sort of sugar/fruit explosion and the flavors were unrecognizable thanks to the burning sensation it left as it seared down my throat.

So I just saved you four bucks and blood in your urine. You’re welcome.

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3 Responses to Power Up with Nerd Juice!

  1. phneri says:

    None of those are tolerable unless you cut the energy drink skank with vodka.

    Oddly, two dirty secrets remain about energy drinks.

    1: They have no more caffiene/”energy” than a cup or two of black coffee. Srsly.

    2: They are purposely made to taste that foul. This is called the redbull skank effect…by me. Basically people have learned that the foulness of an energy drink tricks you into thinking it’s more like medecine, and therefore more potent. Those things could taste just like Kool-Aid or soda if they wanted it to. But then they would fail (remember Vault?).

  2. MeatMan says:

    I prefer my urine to be blood-free, so… thanks? I’m surprised you drank them without the aid of alcohol. And you call yourself a Drunken Gamer. 😛

    I like the blue color of the MegaMan drink, but not the Pac-man’s plain color. They should’ve made it red or orange.

  3. Hilden says:

    Nerd Juice sounds dirty.

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