I’m going to wreck your shit. Scrabble-style.

I have occasionally gushed about my favorite iPhone applications. A new one has taken hold, with great fervor. It is called Words with Friends.

Words with Friends is Scrabble, with enough small alterations made to avoid a lawsuit. Here’s why it’s awesome on the iPhone. It has a perfectly functional touchscreen interface that zooms out to show the entire board, and it has full-function online multiplayer with (text) chat that works over 3G. Which means I can taunt you shortly after scoring fifty-three points on my first turn.

And I will.

The 3G play and the relaxed timing of the game (you can swap turns and play as you want. Take ten seconds or twenty-four hours between turns) is fantastic, and you can keep twenty games going at a time to make sure you always have a turn ready. The game does do push notifications by default, so turn those off or kiss your battery life goodbye.

In addition to melding with your Twitter/Facebook should you desire, Words with Friends (or arch-nemesises…nemeses? nemesi?…enemies) allows you to create a game with a specific user. Which means that you can search out “Phneri” and watch haplessly as I obliterate your paltry attempts at verbal assaults with what can only be described as a literary crossword masterpiece. You will gaze upon perfection, and weep at the beautiful and terrible…word thingy I have placed before you.

And thus my challenged is issued. Face me in a Scrabble-like game if you dare, and should some brave soul vanquish me in word-based combat, I’ll send them a chicken sandwich or something *

So yeah, hit me up for some crossword-style board game nonsense. There’s also a chess version I may look into. Both are free (if you can tolerate annoying advertising every three turns), but the paid version of Scrabble this unlicensed and therefore lawsuit-free crossword game is $3.00. Highly recommended for board game nerds like me.

*the actual existence of any sandwich-based prize is dubious at best.

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3 Responses to Boss Fight: Words with Friends – and a Mini-Review

  1. Ian (DJI) says:

    pre-wife beats me at scrabble every time we play. That’s almost 6 years of an unbroken streak.

    I cannot hang. I am sad.

  2. John says:

    I just bought Chess and started a game with you. I used to be really good, but haven’t played in years. So enjoy beating the piss out of me.

    The only thing I don’t like is that there’s no “Play against AI” option. At least, not that I can find. It makes waiting for the next move really dull.

  3. phneri says:

    That’s why you start 12 games at once.

    And don’t worry. I’ve never been good at Chess. Not enough rocket-jumping.

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