Finally, the first documented example of real progress in green technology.  Powered by grapes and gravity, this is the greenest car you’ll find this side of the sun.  Just don’t buy a house on a hill.  You can learn more about this remarkable visionary’s love of the road and the fermented arts here.

Celebrate it’s smooth lines, aggressive stance, and big, fat barrels.  May he be blessed this holiday season.



3 Responses to Wine Box Derby

  1. AK47Autolock says:

    Look at the badass wave disk and what looks like a twin piston caliper. Only see brakes that badass on expensive crotch rockets.

  2. MeatMan says:

    “Twin Barrels Burning, however, takes the lack of speed to a whole new level, topping out at *3 MPH*”

    “They wrapped the two wheel barrels with bicycle tires and staples, adding plates to the front unit where the rotors and disc *BRAKES* were mounted.”

    Very cool design and style, but installing brakes on a vehicle with a top speed that’s slower than human beings can walk sounds a tad unnecessary … unless you find a really steep hill to ride it on.

  3. Moe says:

    Safety first, man. Safety first.

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