2009 has been a pretty big year for The Beatles. Not only did they issue amazingly remastered versions of all their albums, they introduced a whole new audience to their music through The Beatles Rock Band. Right around that same time, they quietly released a game of a different sort: The Beatles Trivial Pursuit, the perfect game for uber fans of the Fab Four…like myself.

Put out by USAopoly, the game follows the standard conventions of Trivial Pursuit, with a few Beatles touches. For example, there are different “zones” a player can land on, such as the “Come Together Zone”. If a player lands in this zone, any other player can enter a showdown where the first person to answer correctly wins the wedge. The “All You Need is Love Zone” allows the player to choose an easy question, no matter what the die gives them. The “Get Back Zone” gives a player the ability to move any other player to any other space on the board. And finally, the biggie. The “Ticket to Ride Zone” gives players a free wedge of their choosing.

The Beatles Trivial Pursuit contains nearly 2,600 questions of varying difficulty. The categories include history, songs, albums & singles, movies, the Beatles in America, on their own (solo careers). The questions can be tough for the casual Beatles fan, but not enough to completely exclude those who aren’t Beatles historians. Questions range from their early days playing in Hamburg to borderline absurd questions about what model of car they drove while on a particular acid trip. (Tip: Mini). But there are enough obvious questions peppered in to keep everyone involved.

The board and pieces are fairly well-made, though I would have appreciated a bit more high-end treatment. You won’t find any metal-cast figures of John, Paul, George, or Ringo as everything here is plastic and fairly cheap. Fortunately, the questions are enjoyable enough and the Beatles-specific Zones are enough to make the $35 package worth it for Beatles fanatics.

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