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00:00-Show Intro
04:07-Drunk Dials
31:33-Little Big Planet Review (PSP)
40:34-Assassins Creed 2 Review (360)
54:55-Retro Review: Cadash (TG16)
59:12-Feature Presentation: Interview with Dan Loosen
1:19:28-Five Things
1:40:42-The Last Shot
1:41:47-Show Close

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DGR: 11.29.2009

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35 Responses to Drunken Gamers Radio: 11.29.2009

  1. Two helpings of drunk dials this week?

  2. John says:

    My dear Rusty, whatever do you mean?

  3. Ryker XL says:

    @ShoNuff77 please write in again or contribute, that was hella funny my friend!

    Long live Left 4 Dead 2, Power to the Infected Bitches!

  4. Hemidal GWJ says:

    Hilden, in my best Simpson’s comic nerd voice

    “Assassin’s Creed 2 is in Italy, not France.”

    Other than that, I agree with your review. :)

  5. BenFromOhio says:

    Great podcast fellas. Just one problem, for the past 3 or so episodes you assholes have been bashing conservative political figures and it is starting to piss me off. I listen to stuff like your show for fun and to have a good laugh on the way to and from work. I deal with politics enough, and I know for my age group and whatnot im in the minority when it comes to my views and stances, but to hear you guys talk shit about right wingers isnt cool. keep it neutral or better yet, dont talk about politics.

  6. John says:

    Here’s a simple rule: If you classify yourself as a “Right Winger” or a “Left Winger”, chances are you’re not going to like our show.

  7. Moe says:

    You see, BenFromOhio, talking is kind of what we do, be it about games, movies, beer, or God forbid, politics. Though, I suspect you may be surprised to find you are, in fact, not alone in your political tendencies among our listeners. In this particular case, however, the issue is not your aforementioned right-wingers, but rather the carnival of the retarded, who happen to be hanging on the fringes of the right at the moment. Of course, I speak primarily of the remarkably well-read Sarah Palin (all the magazines) and her merry band of American history dropouts. Were she to cease speaking, we would cease the hilarious, but necessary corrections. I, like you, have a tremendous affinity for her many holes and share your presumed enthusiasm for filling them with geometry of all sorts. Sadly, this does, in no way, make her an authority on anything beyond the size of her shapely posterior. And her refusal to acknowledge the existence of the dinosaurs is somewhat perplexing. So there’s that…

    Anyway, you’re welcome to stick it out or you’re welcome to call it a day (a la the governor), but taking responsibility for your own thoughts is the price of admission around here, crazy as they may be. We do it and encourage you to give it a shot!

    Thanks for listening!

  8. BenFromOhio says:

    Alright. Just keep it fair on the politcal bullshit, thats all I ask. I didnt know that my comment would spark 3 different replys (including the email reply).
    Moe, for being a stickler on grammer, Im pretty sure you overused your commas in your well thought out paragraph. Maybe you and John can take that co-op shit together.

    Thanks for replying!

  9. Ryker XL says:

    The great thing about America is you are entitled to your own opinion and the freedom to express it. While I do not always agree with views these guys have on politics, religion, or the other taboo subjects of life; being open to at least laughing at what they have to say rounds my perspective. Surrounding oneself with only like-minded folks that always agree with what I have to say has created the divide this country has today. I can tell you from personal experience that if you want to have an open discussion about a different view that these guys are WAY open to it. And I for one am honored that I can call them friends.

    In the future you might approach things with with, “Hey why do you pick on Sarah Palin so much, I happen to think she supports strong moral values?” Your attempt then would be an honest approach to open dialogue instead of simply bashing folks and creating a bigger rift.

  10. John says:

    I’ll admit that as of late, when we do – albeit VERY briefly – mention anything to do with politics, it’s usually jabbing some ultra-conservative, rightwing nutcase. But, in my estimation, that’s generally because they’ve been thrusting themselves into the center of attention lately. I mean, one can hardly turn on the TV or open their web browsers without seeing some angry old white guy demanding the president show his birth certificate…again. Or Sarah Palin talking herself into a verbal pretzel while selling stacks of books to eager suckers.

    But Ben, I promise, the next time I see some filthy vegan hippy tie-die wearing, ponytail-sporting douchebag tying him or herself to a tree, singing Kumbaya and holding a sign saying, “NO WAR FOR OIL!”, I’ll make sure to mention it on the podcast. You have my word.

  11. BenFromOhio says:

    Ok, I didnt mean to drag this out, I swear that wasnt my intention. Im not even a big Palin fan, it was just the combo of her, Fox News in general and Glen Beck being ripped over the last 3 or so podcast. But hey, I was just voicing my anger, im over it now. Thanks for responding.

  12. John says:

    Hey, no worries, man. Don’t sweat it. I love these little back-and-forths. Keeps things interesting between the poop jokes. Thanks for listening.

  13. phneri says:

    So many right-wing jokes, so little time. Just like Mrs. Palin in a rainstorm, I’m unable to act. Though I won’t look up until I drown.

    I kid, I kid. Except that I totally don’t. But you seem like a somewhat sane person, Ben. I’m sure we’ll all get along just fine.

  14. Moe says:

    See, this is just a little bit of too bad. After a day like I’ve just endured, the last thing I want to do is come back and call the shit out…. again.

    “Alright. Just keep it fair on the politcal bullshit, thats all I ask. I didnt know that my comment would spark 3 different replys (including the email reply).
    Moe, for being a stickler on grammer, Im pretty sure you overused your commas in your well thought out paragraph. Maybe you and John can take that co-op shit together.

    Thanks for replying!”

    Ben, unfortunately your well-thought-out response (that’s how that should look) fell out on the wrong side of clever. Perhaps it’s a fine work of irony? I am baffled by your obsession with Glen Beck and my opinion of Modern Warfare. While I am flattered that you apparently consider me an authority on all matters (I assure you I am not), I assume you were so upset that I was ‘wrong’. I wish you could find a way to better delineate between opinion and fact. You are certainly entitled to your crazy-ass ideas, as am I mine. Ideas are opinions. They can be different and we can still be friends. But grammar and punctuation are two different things… and those are facts. On the issue of commas in particular, there is only right and wrong. As an example of right, I offer you my previous post. As an example of wrong, I offer you my previous post without commas. You can choose which to remove. Should be fun!

    While I don’t have time right now, I’d be happy to run through the fundamentals of punctuation, grammar, and spelling with you at a later date. I see we still have work to do.

    Now, can we kiss and make up?

  15. John says:

    Ah yes…Moe’s in a mood today.

    This is fun.

    I’m a lover.

  16. Moe says:

    The mood is accountability. Let’s all have a bite.

  17. BenFromOhio says:

    You can stop being baffled, I never said I was obsessed with Glen Beck or Palin. I simply stated that I was angry over the slamming of conservative political figures. But if you want to think that, go right ahead. No, I never said you were an authority of any matter. My jab at your over usage of commas in your paragraph was me trying to be an asshole, as it does not come as easy for me as it does yourself. Yes, I thought that you used too many commas in some of your sentences. But of course you are a teacher and I, myself am a nurse (laugh it up- a male nurse), so you are most likely the correct one. Im sorry. I was over it lastnight after I expressed how I felt. Yes, I would love to kiss and make up, but only if you let me go to 3rd base. If you ever come to central Ohio I will buy you lunch.

  18. Moe says:

    I suppose it could be said that I have a gift. But beyond that, I see nothing funny about your profession, quite the contrary, in fact. I would hope you take tremendous pride in what you do. A nurse was the best thing that happened to my grandma in the last two weeks of her life. We were so grateful for his time with her that we started an endowment in his name so he could open a clinic in his home, a village in Kenya, where his neighbors pooled their money to send him here to study medicine. That said, I think it best we leave this here. And I’ll be by for lunch. I hope fish and chips are ok. Also, you better plan on buying drinks (and ether) if you think you’re getting anywhere near third base.

  19. Arvandor says:

    Hey Moe, aren’t commas and periods supposed to go on the inside of quotation marks and parentheses?

    I’m not trying to call you out or anything, just trying to clarify.

    As for the subject at hand, I don’t know why it’s such a big deal if the Drunken Gamers make fun of whatever political influence you feel the need to defend. It’s an opinion, and they exrpess theirs through degrading humor; much to my delight, I might add. It’s also their podcast, and they can talk about whatever they feel like. If you don’t like the toppings they put on your pizza, don’t eat it?

    On another note, my copy of Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 arrived yesterday, but I have not yet had a chance to play it. Guess what my number one priority is after I get off work?

    Wrong. I need to pick up milk, but guess what my number two priority is after I get off work? Awww yeah.

  20. John says:

    Damn, Carrotpanic got his too, yet the three of us are still Mushi-less.

    Arguments about commas aside, Arvandor does make a good point and it’s a principle that we’ve had since we started this podcast five years ago: we do this for ourselves and nobody else. We’re glad – and shocked – so many people enjoy it, but that’s just a pleasant side effect. And I’m glad to see we have apparently made a love connection.

    Now seriously, let’s get back to the poop jokes. They’re kinda my specialty.

  21. Wolf-Bot says:

    Jaffa Cake! Cake or Biscuit?
    (British biscuits not the strange things you have in the U.S)

    Thats as far as I will talk about my politcal views tonight.

  22. Moe says:

    Yeah, as I understand, they do. But I don’t see a consistent practice with that particular thing, so I’m left unsure. I thought about that when I typed it, but decided to go the other direction this time. Nonetheless, I think you’re probably right.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with you, Loser (John), but I got my game. Probably karma kicking your ass.

  23. Hilden says:

    Hey, guys?

    I just took the best shit today.


  24. Jayhawker says:

    What was that history series on Netflix that was mentioned in the last episode? I would like to add it to my queue, but I am an imbecile and can’t find the mention now. I thought was during the Assassin’s Creed review.

  25. BenFromOhio says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Im glad that the nurse could make a difference.
    We have an Irish pub called Fado, and a British pub as well. Both places serve the best fish and chips in the area and the fish is so big it hangs off of the sides of the plate. And I always keep Sailor Jerry rum in the cabinet.
    I usually love the toppings that are on the pizza, but lately they have stung my palate.
    Its a dead subject now.
    Ebay has Mushihimesama Futari, but it is around $75-$85 w/shipping. Where will you guys buy it from and what is the retail price? I have never bought an import.


  26. John says:

    That’s actually pretty close to the price. I believe it wound up being around $75-$80 with shipping from Play-Asia. You may want to try

    And why is everybody getting Mushi today except for me? I ordered it before all you bitches!

  27. Moe says:

    Seriously? Are you blind? Karma. You are a BAD PERSON. Pay attention.

    Now, I just opened my copy and it’s so voluptuous and shiny. I’m going to play it right now. What are you going to do tonight, John?

  28. John says:

    You know, that guy’s right: you are an asshole.

  29. Moe says:

    The series was called Empires: The Medici.

    It’s available through the Netflix instant queue. And why the hell is queue spelled like that? Redundant methinks. Stupid English. I’m looking at you, Philthy.

  30. Moe says:

    That doesn’t change anything with regard to your attention disorder, lover.

  31. phneri says:

    So what with all these packages arriving you should celebrate by, you know, mailing things.

    Like contest prizes from the summer.


  32. Ryker XL says:

    @Moe, so were you the guy who thre the tomato at Sarah Pailn’s Mall of America book signing? If so, not bad aim my friend.

    @Phneri, you can wait in good company my friend. :) By the way..Batman was well worth finishing, you should give it another go in Arkham soon!


  33. JD says:

    Just wanted to say Shonuff’s letter was one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while. And phneri likes bad Tom Selleck movies with robot spiders in them.

  34. Moe says:

    No, that wasn’t me. Though it was my understanding that he missed and hit a police officer. Brilliant. I would not make the same mistake! Rotten fruit aside, that’s some crazy shit, huh?! Somehow I missed that whole fiasco and read about it a few days later. For those unaware, that is the actual cultural display widely known as Minnesota nice. It’s our heritage, dammit!

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