Cast Medium has put up their podcast awards for this year and look who made the list! Drunken Gamers Radio placed Runner-Up in the “Best Format” category with the top spot going to BitMob’s MobCast. Guess you can’t feel too bad about second place when your ass has been kicked by such great company!

Our sincerest thanks to the CastMedium staffers and all who voted for us. Our most hearty congratulations and “We’ll Kick Your Formatting ASS Next Year!” to Dan Hsu and Co. over at BitMob.com!

Also, a big hearty congratulations to the other fantastic podcasts that graced the CastMedium list. When you look at all the quality shows out there, it reminds me what a great year podcasting has had. Thanks to all of you for listening and helping to make 2009 the best year yet for Drunken Gamers Radio and Robot Panic!

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3 Responses to CastMedium: Podcast Awards ’09

  1. Awesome! This looks way better than that shitty Podcast Award Show which had podcast and actual radio shows mixed in, which is kind of like putting actual movies up against movies made by Hallmark and Lifetime at the Oscars. That might sound like I’m putting down the podcasts but I am not.

    Maybe next year you guys can beat BitMob.

  2. damo says:

    Congratulations drunkards! It’s well-deserved, even if it was runner-up.

  3. Daouzin says:

    Nice job guys! You deserve it, keep up the great work!

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