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00:00-Show Intro
08:23-Drunk Dials
33:51-Pinball Heroes: Uncharted Review (PSP)
39:35-Excitebike: World Rally Review (WiiWare)
46:10-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review (360)
1:04:40-Retro Review: Supercross 3D (Jaguar)
1:08:56-Feature Presentation: Party Like It’s 1999
1:20:23-Five Things
1:31:13-The Last Shot
1:31:49-Show Close

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DGR: 11.09.2009

22 Responses to Drunken Gamers Radio: 11.14.2009

  1. Wolf-Bot says:

    I need to know the words that are bleeped over I need them!

  2. I have yet to download and listen to the latest show, but I NEED (all caps so you know it’s the most important part of my post.) to know something about that Pinball game. Does a shirt get wet at any point of the game?

  3. Hennet says:

    If you do end up visiting Austin there are 3 places you must go to 6th street, UFO Arcade, and the Alamo Draft house.

  4. I have a Chuck-E-Cheese story.

    Years ago, way back in the year 1988, my family moved to here to southern Wisconsin (Madison), and thought about starting up a Chuck-E-Cheese franchise in town because there wasn’t one in the whole area. Good things could have come from doing this. My parents would even drive around looking for good spots to open the first place. Well, none of this happened. My dad had just started a new job and was making very good money and decided to stay with that job. 2 years later the first Iraq war starts up and my dads company, fearing he’d be ordered to Irag (he was in the reserves) fires him and spends the next year and a half looking for full-time work. So whenever anyone of you have a good idea and the means to make it happen: Do it! Free school lunches and $7 knockoff Nike’s suck.

    And boo to John for cutting off the Forza talk before discussing my brilliant idea of putting the game on HD DVD discs.

  5. John says:

    Ha! Sorry man. I wanted to cut it off before it became a “beating a dead horse” thing. Between that game and Borderlands, it’s time to move on. Putting it on HD-DVDs would have been hilarious, though.

    And that’s a good Chuck E. Cheese story. It reminds me of the time I put the kibosh on opening a “geek store” because I couldn’t fathom it being profitable, and then one opened just down the street from my house. It’s been there for over two years now and is always packed with nerds.

  6. Ryker XL says:

    Ok I have a Chuck E Cheese Story…

    Back in Minnesota, when I first started college, there was a growing trend for under-21 bars. So my 19 year old buddies told me we were going to a under 21 dance club I was all in. It just so happened it was at…Chuck E Cheese! Yes Chuck E Cheese jumped on the under 21 thang and opened up the main dining room aftyer 10:00. It was complete with cheesy lights, a horrible DJ, and yes the Chuck E Cheese characters dancing along to the music. It was…an EPIC FAILURE. Sure ity was packed…with 16 year olds. My buddy who took was asked out to prom. I laughed, but she was kinda HOT!

    Before then Chucks was THE BEST place to hang out and play video games, and real ones. It was awesome!

    @Rusty, that was a sad story my friend. I hope you hold onto that motto and go for your dreams all the time my friend!

    @John, I want to buy into the Atari sucks at everything, and for the most part I think you are right. But they are co-producers of Champions Online, a game I am completely in LOVE with right now.

  7. Ryker XL says:

    Doh forgot one last thing… @Hilden, your comments on the Frat-Boy jocks who play MW2 was spot on, well said my friend. I do disagree with the “No Russians” mission in MW2 as the end of the game really brings to light the significance of that mission, along with the first. I really didn’t get it 100% until I saw Tiny play through it, and then “Ah hah!”

  8. awesomo316 says:

    I see what Hilden is saying about the No Russian mission and while it probably is unnecessary I think what Inifinity Ward was trying to do was draw the player in and have them interact with every significant plot point as oppossed to hearing a news announcer say SPOILER “a bunch of people were killed in an airport” during a load screen END SPOILER

    This is why they said they didn’t add-op as it took away from the cinematic experience they were going for.

    But the fact you can omit the entire level from the single player game indicates this isn’t a necessary level of the game and you’ll still get a decent experience out of it. I don’t think it’s one of the best single-player experiences out but it’s like a decent popcorn movie – lots of action and thin on story.

  9. ilduce620 says:

    See, I know a lot of people think they need Xbox Live for MW2, but your comments about frat boys playing it make me very, very glad I’ve got the PS3 version. For the most part, no one has a headset attached, so I don’t have to hear their crap…and the few people I’ve heard on there that I didn’t want to hear, I simply muted (which I’m sure the 360 version can do, as well).

    Either way, I had some fun playing tonight. As I said in Ryker’s review, I really like how I can drop an hour in to the game and move up 2 levels without being anywhere near the top of the rankings. Keeps it really addictive!

    Great show this week, boys. Oh, and John, Excitebike: World Rally is quite excellent. I grabbed it last week and a buddy of mine and I hit that up for hours, just handing the controller back and forth. We definitely wanted split-screen competition, but we made it work. One feature I like (that you didn’t mention) is the ability to send our courses to each other, so after I create one in the Course Editor, as long as I’ve got his Wii registered with mine, I can send him the course to play on his system. Neat little feature.

  10. Zinswin says:

    I did the same as Hilden in the No Russian level, didn’t fire at all until the SWAT team arrived. Were you able to continue without firing after they arrived? I had to start using my gun then to advance at that point on Veteran.

    I am just afraid of the idiots/psychopaths who want to replay the level over and over in the beginning and the repercussions in the media.

    On a side note, the frat boys pretty much left after the day it was released. Mic chat had been pretty good for me after the 1st day. Couple of idiots dropping the N bomb, but even that’s been rare.

  11. Jake says:


    Seems there’s a bit of a hobby in programming these animatronic bands to do modern songs.

  12. fluffy_nuts says:

    hey, I don’t want to start anything but I enjoyed ‘No Russian’, sure they could have skipped it but at the end of the day it is just another level in another game, I cant see a difference between a massacre in GTA4, an alley completly covered in dead bodies in Assassins Creed or the evil route in inFamous. Personally I shot everyone I could in ‘No Russian’, when I saw someone dragging his wounded buddy I switched to grenade launcher and I had a lot of fun in there but I can tell you this, not once did the idea of doing this for real even occured to me and I don’t think that anyone else is planning to copy the game either. Now if you would excuse me, school is almost out and I need some target practice

  13. Arvandor says:

    I find it amusing that goatstore keeps sending you these awful games. More often than not you guys are like “Man, this is awful, this shit sucks, never buy this game, not even if you can find it for fifty cents.” Then you give your advertisement spiel “If you’d like to experience the retro extravaganza we’ve been experiencing..” And I can only think “No… no, I really don’t. Dan must hate you guys or something.”

    It IS cool when you do find the odd gem though, such as Warlords, as an example.

  14. apparentbliss says:

    I usually don’t get to listen to the podcasts until the following weekend, but I was shocked and amazed to hear my dear hometown of Northfield MN namechecked. I grew up there and even went to Carleton College, so I know well the friendly confines of the Cow and the Reub. My question is, why do you guys know anything about the town of Cows, Colleges, and Contentment? Did one of you or one of your buddies attend Carleton or St. Olaf? Do you know some of the people at Monster? I spent many an afternoon in the card&comic shop across the street from Monster, and if I had math skills I would have tried my way into there to develop.

    Love the show, as always. I love GWJ too, but IMO you all should start some sort of fake “war” with them.

  15. apparentbliss says:

    Oh, also, I remember going to the CEC in one of the southern Minneapolis suburbs (Shakopee? Burnsville? Apple Valley?) at some point during grade school, probably around ’90. The full animatronic band was at once amazing and awful. I think I was too tall to jump into the disease cesspool that was the ball pit, sadly.

  16. Ryker XL says:

    I dated a girl who went to Carlton…But she was too damn smart and figured me out way quicker than most. 😉

  17. John says:

    @apparentbliss: All three of us live in the Twin Cities, so Northfield is pretty familiar to us. Hilden’s brother went to St. Olaf (I think), and our good friend Carlson from is from there as well. I live in Burnsville and go to Northfield every few months just to hang out as I love that little town.

    Small world!

    And our “war” with GWJ will continue on the forthcoming episode. YOU HEAR THAT, ANDRICH?! YOU’RE GOING DOWN!

  18. apparentbliss says:

    That’s great. I didn’t realize the town was much of a magnet for any reason other than the colleges and, well, antiquing. The high percentage of college students in the area does contribute to making it a strange little town (7k students to 17k citizens? ish), but it’s strange in a far-left, university town sort of way.

    Back when I was in college we would drive up to the Lakeville Perkins just off 35 since there was no 24-hour joint in Northfield, so I’m familiar with your environs as well, to a point. I do miss the Twins Cities, and as our families are still thereabouts we’ll probably end up moving back there at some point.

    Small world indeed.

    PS — re: Carleton girls: Most of them were too smart for me as well, but I suckered one of them into marrying me. Ha HA! Most people checked down and went looking singing Scandinavian types across the river.

  19. MNGwinn says:

    I also went to Carleton, as did my wife (who works there now).

    Did you pre- or post-date Happy Chef? That was our late night drunken destination.

  20. apparentbliss says:

    My high school / college days of late night drunken debauchery post-dated the Happy Chef. I assume we talking about the same place — skeezy, clearly formerly-a-perkins building on the corner of Woodley and 3, across from the theater? Sadly, I never had occasion to visit what I can only assume was a peak of Northfield culinary experience while growing up.

    It always really bothered me that there was no all night location :(. Bills for pizza or the Blue for coffee are fine and all, but they were only open until 2.

  21. MNGwinn says:

    That sounds right. I just remember walking past More4 in a drunken haze. It’s been a while.

    I think they shut down sometime in the 98-00 timeframe.

  22. apparentbliss says:

    If you remember More4 and not the Econofoods that it became (MoFo -> NoFo), that places the time approximately in my mind.

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