It’s prom night! Everything is alright!

My lord, is that the worst movie theme song of all time? Disco death at its worst.

Anyway, Jamie Lee Curtis is back again as a teenager stalked by a psycho killer. The concept this time is that the killer is seeking revenge on a group of kids for the accidental death of a child six years prior. So in that way, it’s got a similar premise to Slaughter High, which we talked about the other day. This movie has been sequeled and remade to death, but for good reason. It’s one of those quintessential 80s slasher flicks, though not as good as some of the more popular movies from that era.

The most bizarre part of this movie is the fact that Leslie Nielsen plays a remarkably serious character for the guy most known for The Naked Gun series. The rest of the cast here is pretty decent as you’ve got all your standard 80s teen stereotypes. The kills are fun and inventive, and help cement the “slasher film rules” that later got popularized in the movie Scream.

As I mentioned, Prom Night won’t blow you away today, but if you look at it from a historical perspective, it’s fairly important in the slasher genre. Check it out, if for no other reason.

And man, this trailer is spectacular.

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  1. Ryker XL says:

    You have to watch this film if only to see Jamie Lee do her stuff. She was and still is the queen of slasher films!!!

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