NOTE: I found this in our submissions today. Too funny not to post. -John

You tiwins ar e jackasses!! What the hell ROdneay!?? You pitcht ethem a double?! Youy close games fuckera1 ! close theme! closing!! not 12 eniings! and on ona on oan on! seriously? the twins?! you tiregers wer up by what., sev87 games?? You comae all this way to fuck this up? ? Tha is an asshat movea! teriirible terribel performeance!! Hey maybe if MNiguel Cabrera could get driunk wiht the white sox more and beat iss wfife or whatever he could bat more than tt2 r;uns! unlesazhe Th efURY!!

Look, mennnisota, you owe me a $60 dolalr berr e tab. you owe me sixtya dollars for making me watching this nail bigtters of losing and losing ansd losing. GOodl luck in tghe playoffs. I and amiching MiI MIchigan Detrioti friends will hate your stante in forever times. you are bad freinds.


With lovee,
DJINcompeatente fron meENnisotata ASuckS!!!2


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9 Responses to SHOCKtober! Godadammieth TIgetrs!!

  1. Ryker XL says:

    DJ, this post could use some Auto-Tune :)

    Been an exciting week for us Minnesota Fans as the annoited one, #4, beat his old team in historic fashion and then this nail biter. Regardless it was a great baseball game and I’m not a big baseball guy. Who knows perhaps the Lions will come back the rest of this year and restore the roar…or not.. 😉

  2. AK47Autolock says:

    SPELL CHECK!! Can someone translate please?

  3. John says:

    Here’s a translaton: “The Tigers lost the division title to the Twins in twelve innings. I’m drunk and I’m pissed off.”

    There you have it.

  4. carrotpanic says:

    This was very disappointing and crushing to watch in a big bar full of people. Thanks for the birthday present Tigers.

  5. Moe says:

    DJI needs no spell check! This is exactly what he meant to say! Were he here in person it would be, word for word, identical!

  6. I wish my team could be up sev87 games.

  7. Ian (DJI) says:

    @AK47Autolock via AUTOTUNE:

    “You Twins are jackasses. What the hell Rodney (Tigers closing pitcher I publicly defended at the bar just before he ended the game and I shamed shortly after)? You pitch them a double. You close games, fucker! Close them! Closing! Not 12 innings! And on and on and on! Seriously? The Twins? You Tigers were up by what, seven games? You come all this way to fuck this up? That is an asshat move! Terrible, terrible performance!! Hey maybe if Cabrera (quasi-star Tigers player) could get drunk with the White Sox more (which he did the night before the game) and beat his wife (which he did the night before the game, she kicked his ass back, no charges filed) or whatever he could bat more than 2 runs. Unleash the FURY!!”

    Goddamn that game was good. Moe is right. I talk exactly like that. Thanks for fixing the links. I had no idea what I was doing when I stumbled in me homestead. Today was not pleasant hangover day.

  8. Ian (DJI) says:

    or was Cabrera’s shit two days ago. Sheeit I don’t remember. Sleeping now. Sleeping.

  9. AK47Autolock says:

    I was being sarcastic… But thanks for the translation. And I do like the ‘mennisota’ tag. 😉

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