Zombies and drinking? A match made in Drunken Gamers heaven! This place opened up near “Nordeast” Minneapolis a few months ago and we love it so much that we took Phil to check it out…twice. Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den is located just off I94 and Broadway in North Minneapolis. Not the best neighborhood. In fact, it’s located in the former building of Stand Up Frank’s, a bar notorious for crime, stabbings, and other bad shit. The story goes that the people who wanted to open it up as Donny Dirk’s (also the folks who own Psycho Suzi’s, another great Nordeast bar/restaurant), had to jump through a whole slew of hoops to get it approved by the city, simply because of the reputation built by Stand Up Frank’s. As such, the entire parking lot is fenced in, there are two outdoor security guards on duty at all times, and cameras line the building inside and out. Nevertheless, and quite miraculously, you never once feel unsafe at Donny Dirk’s. Unless, of course, you’re afraid of being eaten.

As the name indicates, the whole place has a pretty solid zombie theme. There are zombie movies playing on the televisions that overlook the bar, there’s a chainsaw behind glass, dead deer (leftover from Stand Up Frank’s) dressed up and mounted on the walls, and weapons behind glass above the urinals in the bathroom. You know, just in case you’re attacked while at your most vulnerable. On top of this, the bartenders are dressed like Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, complete with white shirt, red tie, and blood spatter, and the waitresses are dressed in black gowns, Elvira-style. The place is elegantly designed with casino-grade carpeting and plush, luxurious bar stools and booths.

The first night we went, the bar was packed to capacity, so Phil, Scotty, Moe, and I got to sit in the R.I.P. room, which is a private little cubby near the front of bar. Nevertheless, it was cozy and intimate, almost like hanging out at home.

Check out some pictures of the place…

How awesome is this?

How awesome is this?

Small, cozy, with a great vibe.

Small, cozy, with a great vibe.

Feel safe while you pee.  An arsenal of weapons.

Feel safe while you pee. An arsenal of weapons.

Another shot of the bar, complete with deer head.

Another shot of the bar, complete with deer head.

The waitresses are lovely.

The waitresses are lovely.

Philthy enjoying a beverage.

Philthy enjoying a beverage.

Scottys always happy.  Moreso with a beer.

Scotty's always happy. Moreso with a beer.

Thanks to Phil for many of the pictures.

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10 Responses to Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den

  1. PhilthBot69 says:

    man I love that place. LOVE IT

  2. Hilden says:

    Damn it. This place is literally ten minutes from my house but I have yet to get there. I keep missing out on all the get togethers. Damn kids.

    Anyway, I hear tell that a bunch of RP community folks are getting together tonight at this establishment. I expect a FULL report.

    And have a Triple for me. Sons of bitches.

  3. Ryker XL says:

    I hope they serve Zombies at the Zombie Den…

  4. Apoch says:

    I love the Shanks in the Men’s bathroom!!! And peeing on ice never has been such a blast. And thanks to Ryker I now know they do serve Zombies!!! Oh so good and good times!!!

  5. Tiggermango says:

    Triple=amazing. Wish I’d thought to ask what the brewer was! And great times last night. My only complaint? The Women’s restroom was LAME. No zombie protection whatsoever!

  6. Zinswin says:

    Just got back from there tonight. I realized when I got home that I forgot to check out the bathrooms. Overall, my wife and I had a good time. They do have good beer on tap, so plus five to Donnie Dirk’s for that.

    Mondays they are closed but rent out the place for gatherings.

    I can picture it now… SS Billiards, A Party Bus, and Donnie Dirk’s. Kegs of Furious and Bender on the bus. Sound fun to anyone else?

  7. John says:

    That’s a fucking phenomenal idea!

  8. Hilden says:

    That, my friends, is our plan for the DGR 5th Anniversary show.


  9. MNGwinn says:

    I still need to get there. I keep forgetting about it.

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