Strange things are afoot in the #shmups IRC. It happens.

Ambiguously Gay Duo can suck it compared to these guys. *ba-dum-cha*

[youtube 86wKWjvUD50]

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4 Responses to YouTube Oddity: INITIAL D CHO ANIKI DRIFT RACE POW!!

  1. Larry says:

    Dear lord, I just watched that with no sound and it was still amazing!!!

  2. MarmiteMiner says:

    Deeply disturbing… But I still watched it twice. These guys could be the new face of GM!

  3. DrLoveNKiss says:

    When I am admitted into an asylum. I will be in the corner, rocking back and forth. My eyes so wide they will almost burst out of my skull. And, the only words out of my mouth, “baby crotch.”

  4. Wolf-Bot says:

    I need bleach to clean out my eyes.

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