You like yourself some shoot-ing-shoot-ing-shooting games? No idea how this event has even hung on this long, but it’s still around and it still wants you to play with it.

Shooting Game Tournament 2009 is a friendly score competition among users of The score validation works like in the hi-score threads. You just play the game on PCB, emulator or any console port and post your score which you don’t need to prove. ANYONE CAN JOIN!

Contestants are broken up into teams by choice or assigned.  Over a hundred people compete in teams from all over the world. There have been full teams from Italy, UK, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Canada, France, and other countries I’m not thinking of.  People still come out of the woodwork to attend this. It’s an interesting event and one of if not the best thing going for the shmups community. The big changes this year are no voting for the upcoming game and there is no break in-between games. It’ll be six weeks of five games played on mega-illegal-fun MAME. Players submit scores by posting in a designated thread. You can choose to play as much or as little as you want. No need to register with friends. Come with people or come alone. You play your cards and the organizers will sort you out.

Players can sign up by going to this thread, sign in, quote the 2nd post of the thread, fill out the entry form, then post it in the thread. People are around to help out if you don’t understand. Don’t be afraid, child. Compete. No need for skill levels. Everybody of all types welcome you with open arms; some with more gin on their breath than others.

Registration period is now. The shooting begins August 31st.

I do believe this also means Robot Panic turned one year old recently. Congrats to the three deans for not stumbling drunk and accidentally shutting the site down for 365 days. They should make a ceremonial chip for accomplishments like that, like sobriety periods.

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43 Responses to 4th Annual Shooting Game Tournament 2009

  1. carrotpanic says:

    Who’s in for a Team Fremont?

    I am.

  2. carrotpanic says:

    *price is right lose sound effect*

  3. Ian (DJI) says:

    Chris, if you serious on playing, I think I got a spot left on Drink ‘n Fly

  4. carrotpanic says:

    Thanks for the offer Ian but I don’t hold a candle to you guys. I’m in it for the lulz, so to speak. I would not even qualify a single week on your team. I’m rooting for you guys though!

    I still hope we can get together a ragtag team and I can duel out some scores with RPT again.

  5. John says:

    How many people do we need? If we can get a couple more, I’ll do it. If you don’t mind me sucking ass, that is.

  6. carrotpanic says:

    Of course you’re welcome to join. My goal every year is to beat the cumulative score of the people who give up and don’t post a score every week.

  7. carrotpanic says:

    I’ll be out of town until Tuesday and without internet access most of next week. I’m registered to “Team Fremont” (I’m joystickchris there)

    I put arvandor as our team captain, he has been the last few years.

    John, I’m counting on you to register, get ahold of arvandor, rpt, boric, and whomever else you can wrangle. We need a min of 5 people and a max of 7.


  8. SimpleNate says:

    I’m in, but I need some help with getting MAME set up. Is it Mac friendly? Put me down for Team Fremont. I’m SimpleNate on Shmups.

  9. John says:

    I’m pretty certain MAME works fine with Mac. I know Hilden uses it and he’s a Mac guy.

  10. Arvandor says:

    Sorry guys, I have thrown my wings in with DJ Incompetent’s drunken flight. I’d suggest sneaking over to vgevo and trying to coherce Boric into captaining a Team Fremont (blackmail, of course, never hurts.)

    While your over there see if you can’t get Savory Cade to sign up and not participate for a third year.

    In fact, I might head over there and make a thread so I can let them know they’re all bastards myself.

  11. Arvandor says:

    I came back to check for replies, glanced over my post, and immediately noticed a most grievous error. One that drives me generally insane when other people do it.

    I typed the contraction of “you are” as “your.”


  12. Astronaut_Jimmy says:

    In… I’ve signed up and got the latest MAME working in the Destiny module up here. They finally got our ISS internets working again so it’s good to be back. I’m still trying to convince top brass to let me install some blasters on a escape pod so I can live the dream of the Shmopera!

  13. deadward says:

    If something comes together, I’m always down to square off against that motherfucking space-bot.

  14. Arvandor says:

    It occured to me you should have gotten premission from John, Moe, and Hilden to be Robot Panic instead of Team Fremont. It’s such a fantastic name for a shmup team ^_^

    And you could have tried to get whoever does the website layout to make you an old 50’s style robot signature and everything. It woulda been awesome!

  15. SimpleNate says:

    Agreed. Hilden? Banner us, please.

  16. carrotpanic says:

    Team roster so far is me, boric and simplenate. Cmon dudes, sign up in the thread linked in the main post!

  17. SimpleNate says:

    We still need a banner, too. I have zero ‘shopping skillzors.

  18. carrotpanic says:

    DJ posted a Team Fremont banner from the old site I believe.

  19. deadward says:

    I’m in.
    Is there a final list of games yet?

  20. Hennet says:

    I got a nice copy of MAME and a lot of ROMs from one of my co-workers so if you guys are not full yet I will be willing to join.

  21. carrotpanic says:

    Yes, please join Hennet!

  22. carrotpanic says:

    First game is Varth. Link.

    Ian, post some mad strats so we won’t finish in last.

  23. Ian (DJI) says:

    erm…about that. I can’t get Mame plus to take this and Nate has my console version -_-


  24. Hennet says:

    Cures me for taking a being a day late to register I would have kicked ass in the first game
    My first score I got in this using the MAME version and the Smart shield things was 2,975,300

    DJI I am not all too familiar with MAME + but I suggest try a different MAME for this or the rom you got could be bad. Here is a good MAME32 it may be a old version but still works well.

  25. carrotpanic says:

    First session high score: 273k


  26. Ian (DJI) says:

    winkawacksa whataver and joy2key seems to have done things.

    Here be some Varth science:

    -Default is 3 bombs. You get 10000 end of stage bonus if you hold 3. Far less under 3. When you go less than 3 bombs, wiggle directions to recharge faster. You can recharge to a max of 3 bombs, pickup icons let you get more. Holding 4 or 5 bombs ups your end stage bonus to 20000 and 30000.

    -Your first missile powerup gets you pods. If you don’t have any pods, you get 50000 end stage bonus.

    -If you’re stuck with pods, if you kill the last remaining white plane in a white plane formation with missile fire, you get 10000 each time.

    -Stage 4 has a countdown bonus that starts at 30000 and counts down by 1000 about every half minute or something. Apparently if you kill the boss at 29,000 or 27,000 (really fast or kinda sorta fast), you’ll get this glitch that gives you 290,000 and 270,000 instead. No idea what version(s) it works on.

    -Autofire makes a world of difference. Joy2Key works if you can’t get Mame Plus to do what you need it to.

    -Ruldra has this inp file with emulator I guess is a 1CC

    -Strategy thread

    -That one stage (5? 7?) with the impassible mountains and gradius-esq purple circuitry shit you can shoot away, there’s 5000 point uncoverable bonusus littered along the walls in many places where there’s glowy purple stuff.

    -The stage 4 Ryu bonus is in the final diagonal scrolling section right before the boss, it’s when the screen is scrolling down and left. If you hang out on the bottom right of the screen where 3 destroyable bushes are positioned:
    O O
    …That bottom bush has Ryu in it.
    After you uncover him, you can shoot the fuck out of it to get it to drop more random stuff.

    -Supposedly Smart pods increase rank slower than Fixed pods

    good luck,

  27. deadward says:

    After a prelim run through I’m looking at around 400k right now… pathetic!
    What sucks is, when I put the autofire on my ship control starts lagging like crazy. time to man up and press that button like there’s no tomorrow.

  28. carrotpanic says:

    putting autofire on got me up to 470k, it’s such a help especially when you can get up close to enemies

  29. carrotpanic says:

    Guys, remember to submit a score before you forget. You can always update your score later.

    We currently have zero scores.

    Team Loser has everyone under 1.1 mil, if we post at least three scores a week I think we could contend with them. Let’s make that our goal.

  30. carrotpanic says:

    Oh wait, they got a guy at 3 mil and 2.2 mil.

    Anyway, just submit the scores. Only thing worse than sucky shmup players like us are sucky shmup players who are embarrassed to post scores.

  31. John says:

    I’m having trouble getting Varth to work in MAME. I’ve downloaded four different versions with no luck. I’ll keep trying…

    EDIT: Got it to work. Time for my puny score! First try: 60,000! Alright, time to get serious!

  32. John says:

    Alright, I submitted a sad score of 278k, but I’ll try to improve later. This was only my third try.

  33. carrotpanic says:

    Definitely do what you can to get autofire hooked up.

  34. deadward says:

    In WolfMame, you should be able to get to turn autofire in in the tab menu. Just hit tab once the game is started and the fourth menu down is the autofire setting. set the Autofire for button 1 to on and you are good to go.
    If your using another mame app there should be a similar setting somewhere, though you may have to poke around.

    681,200 so far, and that was by the skin of my teeth.

  35. carrotpanic says:

    I’m using a controller (usb saturn pad) and joy2key to translate the controller to keypad presses, and I can set autofire in there.

  36. deadward says:

    Broke a million this morning, 1,137,600
    I think I got lucky and accidentally got that bonus on the 4th stage boss… I suddenly had 800k out of the blue after beating him.
    I was messing around with starting a dummy player 2 ship to get the game to throw more power ups and shit at me… do we know if this is legal? I don’t know how much it really helps since my rank seemed to go up pretty quickly, but you get powered up pretty quick, and you can score extra bombers when the dummy plane dies.

  37. deadward says:

    Amazingly, we are no longer in last place!
    Thunder Dragon 2 is the game for this week, if we get a few scores posted we should be able to hold onto our not the last spot no matter what scores we get.
    This game is a seizure waiting to happen, flashing bullets, flashing bosses… my eyes still hurt. Oh, as an added bonus, the bullets get obscured by clouds and explosions.
    Good luck soldiers!

  38. Ian (DJI) says:

    TD2 strategy you need this week.
    Get autofire working. It helps a lot.
    If you can’t, I recommend using player 2 ship, which is completely different. Don’t get too many powerups or else you can’t see the bullets tho.

  39. carrotpanic says:

    Hmm I can’t get the game to run, it’s “missing files.”

  40. carrotpanic says:

    Well, I beat John, and some other dude…

  41. Ian (DJI) says:

    Basically in Strikers:
    -touch the medals as they blink for 2000pts
    -If you don’t powerup to full, the rank stays down
    -Set autofire to 5, then it’ll rig it so you’ll fire your level 1 charge automatically (best with hayate)

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