I made another of these music mixing things awhile back. Loop 3 is like playing Very Hard in this WiiWare title. Or it means I beat the game a bunch of times and it’s getting all super-the-hardest-y. No miss, 1 Life Clear as usual. Enjoy the music and the playing.

[youtube EfdEEuTPkvY]

High Quality button is your friend. Super-play will let you download this, place it on your USB drive, plug it into your xbox or PS3 for upscaled layback entertainment. Or you can always watch it in the tiny youtube window. Here’s an auto playlist or use the other option, provided your browser likes it.


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One Response to Superplay Mix: Gradius Rebirth

  1. damo says:

    Craziness man. Say, do you usually play like that after a couple beers, just to relax yourself?

    Also, two thumbs up on putting “James Brown is Dead” in there – I haven’t heard that song in years!

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