Every wonder about that day when we create something that may eventually turn on us? Some may think in terms of Terminator but others know that the eventual destruction of the world by advanced technology will come in a much more..sinister manner.

Well, ever vigilant reader Matt has discovered a video that may signal the beginning of the end. It’s funiture that is designed to destroy household pests. But, really, can it be that long before these things evolve to destroy other household pests? Namely….HUMANITY!

I think not. Read and fear.

3 Responses to Carnivorous. Robot. Furniture.

  1. Moe says:

    It is with great honor and pleasure that I offer the following meals, in no particular order, to our new robot masters:

    1. Hilden
    2. John

    Your humble servant,

  2. Santa Faust says:

    From what I can gather, this guy “Matt” who submitted the news item sounds like an amazing fellow whose prowess of video games is only rivaled by his skills in the bedroom. A gift sent down from the Lord above, he’s a shockingly handsome lad known to turn the heads of both the ladies and the fellas…

    A shame we’ll never know who he really is.

  3. Wolf-Bot says:

    Soon they will make a door that eats Mormons.

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