So, John and I hooked up last Saturday in beautiful Beaver Dam, the Las Vegas of Southeastern Wisconsin. We caught up on old times and decided to make a music video commemorating the event. John is the tall, blond and handsome chap (as usual).

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3 Responses to What John and I Did in Beaver Dam

  1. leftybrown says:

    I need a double shot of Journey to wash that out of my head.

    I kid. I kid. In all seriousness that is three shades of Youtube Silver! Just need someone getting hit in the crotch for Gold…wait the viewers get the shot in the crotch.

    Well played sirs.

  2. John says:

    I should clarify that this is not really Capn and I. He was joking about that part. What we REALLY did in Beaver Dam was drive around to various towny bars drinking rum n’ coke and listened to really awesomely bad 80s music.

  3. Santa Faust says:

    You guys are so out of touch and, frankly, I’m out of time. But I’ve got to say, I go a little out of my head when you’re not around…

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