Hilden is out this week with the birth of his new daughter and that means John and Moe are off the chain this episode. Let it be known that Robot Panic.com takes no responsibility for anything that is said during this episode. If you manage to be among the few who are not insulted, we’ve got a DS heavy Review Segment with Art Style: Box Life, Knights in the Nightmare and Flower, Sun and Rain. We read your letters, return with another 5 Things and have a special guest in Our Feature Presentation, as DJ Incompetent Presents Music Discovery. Find the track listing after the break.

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DSiWare Review: Art Style-Box Life
DS Review: Knights in the Nightmare
DS Review: Flower, Sun and Rain
Retro Review: Invaders from Hyperspace! (Odyssey 2)
Our Feature Presentation: DJ Incompetent Presents Music Discovery
Five Things
The Last Shot
DGR Mailbag

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DGR: 06.27.2009

Track List
TimG (Block Party vs. Nine Inch Nails) – Bloc of Nails
Cut Chemist – Motivational Speaker
Lotus – Spiritualize
G Darius (Zuntata) – Adam
Pendulum – Blood Sugar
Tokyo Police Club – Cheer it On
Stroke – I Wish I Had
DJ Shadow – Blood on the Motorway
The Divorce – Redcoats
Flashlight Brown – Ready To Roll
No Miss – Battle Scar
Johnny Mercer – Strip Polka
DJ Earworm (Coldplay vs. Various Artists) – United States of Pop 2008 (Viva La Pop)
OPM – Heaven is a Halfpipe
Virt – DnB Chip Mix 2007

38 Responses to Drunken Gamers Radio: 06.27.2009

  1. Aaron "Lag" Sawatzky says:

    John, thank god they were over 18

  2. MikeOHara says:

    My mailbag letter must have dropped into a very large shot glass, because it’s been nearly a month and it hasn’t been read. Do I need to resubmit it or something?

  3. Lard says:

    Just starting the show.

    Blame it on Rio. 😀

  4. John says:

    @Mike: It’s still there. We just have to get to it. We’ve got dozens upon dozens sitting in there.

  5. Zinswin says:

    @ Shplig:
    Try Knightly Spirits, 2603 South Hiawassee Rd. in Orlando. They would have the best shot of carrying any beer you would like. You should also try beer from Saint Somewhere, brewed out of FL. They make tasty stuff.

  6. Ryker XL says:

    A couple of thoughts…

    1. DJI…GREAT STUFF MAN, thanks so much for sharing. I am also a HUGE fan of Mash-ups and agree whole-heartedly that they make music listenable. I used to drop the Yea/Toxic Mash-up all the time and that made Britney tollerable. I am sure that I don’t have anything new that you haven’t heard already, but would LOVE to peruse your selections someday. Never know when they might come in HANDY!

    2. Gotta chime in on the MJ topic and I am glad you guys chose to bring it up. For me the whole MJ story is one of how a crapload of money and no REAL support system can really destroy a person. MJ was clearly talented and I enjoyed his music. I used to DJ at clubs and weddings and Moe is correct, everytime you would drop some MJ (especially the older stuff, “Shake Your Body Down,” “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”) people would just go nuts. But MJ surrounded himself with phoney friends who would agree to anything he wanted because he had so much money. We ALL need REAL friends who aren’t afraid to say “Hey man you’re being an idiot,” in our lives. They help us grow and I appreciate them greatly. MJ never had that. “Yes MJ, oh you’re right MJ, anything for some of your money MJ.” It’s very sad, he never quite grew up and NOBODY helped him get there.

    Nice show, even without Hilden. Looking forward to next week. :)

  7. John says:

    I hope you guys enjoyed DJ’s segment as much as I did. I know this is a “gaming” podcast and all, but it’s cool to go off the reservation sometimes and mix it up.

  8. John says:

    Holy God, I am an idiot. How the hell did I get Just Cause mixed up with Call of Juarez? That is baffling…

  9. Hilden says:

    @John: Um…because they both have a..C..in them?

    Nice show guys. Very interesting to hear a show as an outsider and get a taste of what people might actually be hearing. I’m just writing to let you know that I’ve Unsubscribed.

    I kid. I kid.

    Favorite moments so far:

    “Matthew the Letter Writer. Must be Native American.”

    Moe kicking the end of the show in the middle of the review segment. We haven’t done that in YEARS and I lost my shit.

    John trying his damnest to endure the Moe Tornado. Seriously, it was like an onslaught of Moe this show. Haven’t heard that in awhile and you can see John fighting to keep moving forward. HIlarious.

  10. Savory Cade says:

    Don’t listen to John, Knights in the Nightmare is pure awesome. Yes, it has a hefty learning curve, but I don’t think it’s THAT hard to get the hang of it. Easily the most original and unique games I’ve played in a really long time.

    For shame at no BlazBlue for pick of the week! First *new* HD 2D fighter this generation. Even if fighters aren’t your thing, it should at least be recognized for setting a new bar for LE’s. 2-disc soundtrack & tutorial DVD included with all first prints at no extra cost. Plus, it’s really good.

    We’re also happy to announce that “Torgo Presents: X-Acto® Box Cutter Challenge” will be available on this week’s PS Nation Podcast!

  11. John says:

    I’ll take the hit for forgetting to throw BlazBlue up on the release list. That was just pure idiocy on my part, along with the rest of the release list, apparently. (Seriously, I can’t get over the Just Cause/Call of Juarez thing. I listened to myself today and thought, “Are you a fucking moron?”)

    Anyway, I knew I’d hear from you on KitN, but I stand by it. I did say it was a good game and that I can see why a certain niche group of gamers would love it. 95% of others, though? Not a chance. And it’s not that it’s hard to get the hang of; after you go through 30-odd tutorial segments it’s almost not confusing. 😉 But seriously, it’s just that to me it’s overly complex and there’s too much shit thrown in. I’m looking directly at the roulette wheel/enemy grid thing. The guy that thought of that needs to get his head checked. And when you’ve got 200 weapons in your arsenal, each with their own class, each with their own alignment, each with their own status, and each with the ability to be leveled up…well…you get the point.

  12. Hilden says:

    Honestly, I think I’d like to give Knights a try after hearing you talk about it. Something about it sounds interesting in theory. I’m anxious to see if the execution is cluttered or cool. If you’re looking to get rid of it, John, I’ll buy it off of you.

  13. John says:

    Consider yourself a proud owner of Knights in the Nightmare. $20.

    But again, it’s not at all a bad game and I never said it’s a bad game. Once you get into it, it can actually be kind of cool. It just aims for a very specific, niche group of people who will appreciate it. And while I appreciate it for what it is and how creative it is, I think it may be a bit “too creative”. Aside from that, I can’t see myself playing it very much. I just can’t spend time on games like these anymore; they take too much time, and I’ve got very little time to take.

  14. Aaron "Lag" Sawatzky says:

    If you ever need a third for the show, just so you can rip him a new one, constantly, I’m always here……please……..please, at least recognize my existence.

    I loved your segment DJI

  15. John says:

    Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

  16. Aaron "Lag" Sawatzky says:

    oh…….(jumps off bridge, only to realize it was only a two foot drop)

  17. Aaron "Lag" Sawatzky says:

    Oh, and Happy Canada Day

  18. Lard says:

    I’m the same as DJIncompetent.

    I’m a CD guy. DJI – you are the man.

  19. Lard says:

    Fuck – give DJI a montly music segment on the podcast.

  20. I don’t care for mash ups but he is awesome for being a fellow CD fan. Owning things is awesome.

  21. Lard says:

    I love mashups – when they’re good.

    Just wanted to say the two of you did a good job holding down the fort this week.

    More Moe is always awesome.

  22. Mitch says:

    I haven’t listened to this week’s episode yet, but I just want to commend you guys on the great job you have been doing lately. By far the past five or six episodes have been among the best you’ve done. The dynamic between you three is back to how it used to be, and I think it’s because Moe is back to being genuinely funny instead of that weird bitter phase he went through. I mean, I’ve laughed harder and more often at things that all three have you guys have said within the past few episodes than I had in a long time. And even then, it’s not sacrificing the actual discussion, which I think has gotten better as well. And that’s not even to mention the production, which has improved significantly. I’m also a HUGE fan of the new format, even though I’ve been listening for so long and despise/fear change. The “5 Things” segment as an umbrella for other topics is an awesome idea, and it keeps the flow of the show going on weeks when there isn’t any interesting news and no big releases. The features have also been really great. I was worried that it would be too much like a discussion question from GWJ or Rebel FM, but you’ve managed to keep it unique.

    All in all, keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s working.

  23. phneri says:

    I know it’s never a good thing when I’m mentioned by name as one of the few who would play a specific game.

    I did look at Knights briefly, but I had just picked up The Dark Spire (also Atlus, and $20 with the soundtrack CD included) and thought I had enough of the DS games that punched me in the balls for 30 hours for a little bit. So I got Devil Survivor instead.

    In Devil Survivor I have built a titanic, tyrannical snowman who is immune to fire. I believe I have made the right choice.

  24. Moe says:

    Immune to fire? Your decision is most admirable.

    Your pants are not.

  25. Wolf-Bot says:

    The show was great John and Moe did a great job.

    @John you are a dirty old man and very open about it.

    Loved DJI’s music Feature Presentation. I now have some music to hunt down. It would be cool if DJI put up a few songs a week.

    @Moe are you immune to fire? And as john “said we need you”.

    @Hilden We need you too.

  26. John says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. We appreciate it.

  27. carrotpanic says:

    Good change of pace show without Hilden. Good thing John played so many games this week to compensate for the lack of Sir Swear Jar!

    Maybe to fill up time on the next episode you can clean out that mailbag?

  28. John says:

    That’s actually what we might be doing as there isn’t jack or shit to play this week.

  29. damo says:

    Another awesome show guys!

    DJI, have you ever looked at archive.org? There’s a live music archive there that is second to none. As soon as you said Lotus was a jam band I thought I’d see if they were there, and they are! A concert of theirs from 6/25/09 is actually featured today (July 2nd). There are just about 300 live Lotus concerts at the internet archive. Many are probably dubious quality since they are audience-recorded, but I know some are fuckin amazing. They get rated, so the best ones are always at the top.

    A similar band to Lotus that I really love: Sound Tribe Sector 9.

  30. D.J.I. says:

    I like how the summer gaming doldrums are gone this year. Haha, thanks for the clusterfuck review on Knights in the Nightmare. I bought it based on your explanation and that they didn’t replace either the front ‘K’ or back ‘N’ with another K or N to do that stupid play on letters every other company would have done.

    Thanks party people on the Discovery feedback. I live to give ‘n all that. Sounds like I should make more segments or somethin’.

    oh and what Mitch said. And cuing the ending theme during review was great.

    yeah the wayback machine site is good stuff. I haven’t found any pure gold there because of the quality, but it’s an ok discovery ground. I’d recommend Escape From Sugrasso [sp] Sea from Lotus as a worthy live set to see what they really do. Last time I saw them they combo’d two of their songs into a bunch of Legend of Zelda themes.

    I put in one vote for a Moe Minute next week.

  31. D.J.I. says:

    And Sound Tribe Sector 9 isn’t too much my bag. Too slow in my experience. ‘Reminds me of the moe. band

  32. damo says:

    @D.J.I. the more I hear Lotus, the more I like them. I will definitely check out Escaping Sargasso Sea for a good quality live set. I have heard moe. too (actually also on archive.org). Have you tried The Disco Biscuits or The New Deal? They are similar bands. I’d say The New Deal is not as slow as STS9.

    Oh and I forgot to say before, Hell Yes on the mentions of Pendulum and DJ Shadow. DJ Shadow did all the music for a crazy documentary I just recently watched called Dark Days. Check it out, Netflix Instant View!

  33. Daouzin says:

    D.J.I really dropped some pretty bad ass songs. Awesome and unexpected segment. Keep up the great work guys!

  34. deadward says:

    LTTP this week, but great show. I’m digging the music section… I immediately scooped up that Lotus record and have been loving it. If I mght suggest something for peoples listening pleasure… If you dig Virt or chiptunes, check out
    Blibb Blobb is an infrequently updated chiptune podcast that is well worth minng for gold.

    I also have a game to suggest to check out, though it’s too late for this week.
    Trine is completely awesome… A bit overpriced, but worth it if you dig platformers and puzzles. It’s gorgeous, fun, clever, and available on Steam as I type

  35. DocBadwrench says:

    I know I’m late to the comment-party, but I gotta just chime in to say that DJ Incompetent’s new-music help is greatly appreciated. When he began that bit, I identified completely with the feeling that music discovery is something of a lost art for me. I will certainly look into a bunch of those choices.

    My copy of the iTunes podcast download cut off right while one of the guys was mid-sentence with the finale-music. I’m not sure if that was you two thumbing your nose at the lack of professionalism that comes whenever Hilden isn’t around, but I thought it was pretty goddamn funny, whether intentional or not.

    The show was awesome fun.

  36. John says:

    Well, if you want to hear more “lack of professionalism”, wait until you hear this week’s show. I’ll just say that it’s a good thing that Hilden’s back next week.

  37. electricbath says:

    yo, big ups on the music segment. DJ, do you mind posting the playlist?

  38. John says:

    The track list is posted above.

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