Hey folks. Since it’ll be a few more days until our next show is up, I figured it might be a good idea to post this up.

Last weeks show was a long one, but it would have been good bit longer without a few edits. Sadly, one of the things to go were the emails that many folks sent in regarding their E3 thoughts. So, here is the segment that was cut where we read and answered all the E3 letters we received.

Enjoy and we’ll see you later this week with our full episode of DGR.

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4 Responses to DGR Cutting Room Floor

  1. D.J.I. says:

    Thanks for addressing my concerns without lobbing me in the Valve boycott party.

  2. Lard says:

    Awww my letter didn’t even make the cut portion. :(

  3. John says:

    @Lard: Your letter didn’t make it in time. We read it on the new episode, which will air soon.

  4. Lard says:


    I’ve got the flu and am home in bed puking my guts out.

    I got nothing but time to listen. Bring it on!

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